Friday, October 02, 2009

Another Friday gone by...

Well, the day is almost over. I´ve been so concerned about Jesker, that I don´t know where it has gone. I spent some of it asleep on the sofa, because I didn´t get that much sleep last night. I was worried about Jesker being okay and I slept on the sofa in order to be near to him where he slept on his blanket. He is improving a great deal today and he is even eating his dinner now. That antibiotic shot he got at the vet seems to have helped him a lot. I am much relieved.

I didn´t go to my creative class, of course, but I don´t mind. I had called in yesterday and left a message saying that I might not be in today because of my dog being ill. As it was, I spent the morning on the sofa, petting him and sleeping.

I also didn´t meet my friend Von downtown, which is kind of a shame, but I wasn´t up to it anyway and didn´t mind missing the appointment. I´m not very excited about going anywhere right now, except for the places that are close by and easy to get to and very uncomplicated. Such as the vet, who is just around the corner and very necessary.

The Exfactor was here this afternoon to see how Jesker was doing and was much relieved to see him so much better. He was here yesterday when he was much worse.

It seems almost sacrilegious to talk about myself now, when the last posts have been about poor Jesker, but he seems to be mending okay. His illness seems to have taken its toll on me and I am in a very melancholy mood. The excitement that I felt a few days ago is gone and I´m left again with that feeling that I want to be in a safe place and not take any chances. I want to stick close to home and hunker down inside the apartment and do quiet things such as sleep and read. I don´t care much what I look like right now and just put on any old thing in the morning and hardly comb my hair. I don´t wear any make up to speak off and I´m not concerned about what impression I make. I just really don´t give a hoot.

I have two days (the weekend) left not to care and I will take advantage of that. I´m going to be as withdrawn as I can be and sleep as much as I can and try not to worry about a darn thing. I´ll let the world slide right by me and make an effort again on Monday. I´m going to have Mental Health Days.

Now I´ve got to try and walk Jesker, because I´m sure he needs to go out again. I´ll see how far he manages to walk this time.

Have a good evening all of you and may all your cats and dogs be healthy, and all your other critters too.



VioletSky said...

I am so glad Jesker is doing better now. It's no wonder you don'r feel like doing anything outside youself, it has been quite a worrying time. So, lose yourself a little in some reading and more sleep.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. So relieved to hear about Jesker. That's great news.

I'm glad that you are taking care of yourself and not pushing yourself to do things you don't feel up to. Sometimes we need to retire from the outside world for a while to look after ourselves - which is a different thing from wanting to go out and not being able to.

Hopefully the melancholy mood will lift as Jesker improves further. Here's to a relaxing, nurturing weekend!

Best wishes to both of you!
Bearfriend xx

jeannette stgermain said...

Glad your doggie is doing better now he's gotten antibiotics. Hey, you're doing okay, you're all right Irene in taking care of Jesker and yourself - I'm proud of you!

PS I did response to your comment on my post for the love of Rocks, but I went out of order (I've been distracted lately:) )
Have a good weekend!

Gail said...

Glad Jesker is better and hope you gets lots of rest and feel chirper tomorrow.

Maggie May said...

Glad he is doing better, Nora. Hope he continues to make good progress and that you hold yourself up together for him. Glad the Exfactor is there for you both in the case of emergency.
Sleep tight tonight. X

Anonymous said...

I'm as relieved as everyone else that Jesker is on the mend. And also as others have noted, you've had quite a worrying couple of days, so it's no surprise that you're feeling a bit down and need to withdraw to recharge your batteries. You listen so well to your mind and body! Have a lovely, quiet, sleepy weekend!

Frances said...

Sorry to hear of all your trials and tribulations, but so glad Jesker seems to be on the mend. Recovering from a virus myself, I sympathise with the poor hound.
Hope your mood remains upbeat and you have a reasonable weekend and that next week makes up for this one.
Keep positive dear one.