Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday afternoon again!

The good news is that Jesker seems to be getting better. He is a bit more lively and a bit more steady on his feet and a bit more aware of what is going on around him. We've walked around the little field twice today already and he did well. He didn't walk quickly, but he walked steadily. He still sleeps a lot, but he comes over to be petted regularly too, which he hadn't been doing, and he follows me around the apartment. So, although I barely dare to say it, I think maybe he is going to be alright, although he may never be his old self again. We'll see. We'll take each day as it comes.

I made sure he was taken care of this morning and went to creative therapy and I tell you, it was nice to get out of the apartment for a while, because I was starting to feel cooped up. I was gone for 4 hours and when I came home, Jesker came to greet me at the door. I thought that was a good sign.

I worked on my third painting, which I thought was almost finished, but when I saw it today, I realized that it wasn't and that I had to add more details and some extra layers of paint. So that's what I did all morning, very patiently. It's a shame that we have to have a 30 minute coffee break. I'd rather not have it and just keep on working, or have a 15 minute break, that would be enough, and I completely forgot to check if there were any cookies. I could have used some of those this morning.

I didn't take any photos yet, of course, so I won't be showing any of those today. I probably will on Friday.

When I paint at home, I sit by the dining table, and because I don't have any newspapers, I paint on the bare table, without any protection under the paper I'm working on. Needless to say, I've already got green acrylic paint on the table. It's dried up there and I don't know if I can get if off easily. No doubt more paint in different colors will follow, unless I find a big piece of cardboard or something. I used to have a plastic tablecloth, but I haven't seen it since the Exfactor moved out, not that I'm accusing him of taking it. I was just in a cleaning frenzy then and got rid of a bunch of things. Some regretfully so, I guess.

I'm not doing any grocery shopping today. It is raining and I don't want to go out in it. I'm going to make do with whatever I can find in the kitchen for dinner. I will probably be soup with vermicelli. The refrigerator is very bare. There's one egg in it and a jar of pickles and four beers, plus some other assorted items like condiments that are probably past their due date. I think I'll have one of those beers now. That will fill me up a bit...

...Mmm, that tastes good. It warms my stomach and gives me the hiccups. Gastric band!

Tomorrow I have an intake interview for the activities in the downstairs area of the clinic. I will find out what sort of things are available and how much of a waiting list there is and I know there is one, because a lot of people from the upstairs therapies are going to the downstairs activities. I'll just have to convince them with all my charm that I have to start after December the 18th. That it's absolutely crucial that I do, so I won't fall into a hole.

Well, never mind. I'm not going to fall into a hole that quickly. There are the wonderful holidays to get through.

Alcohol is a mood altering drug. I've suddenly become very mellow. There's only 5% alcohol in this beer, but it feels like more. Of course, I'm not used to much. I would make somebody a cheap date. They'd only have to buy me two beers and I would have reached my limit for the evening. I think I'll have a cup of coffee after this. It did fill my stomach, though.

Right, that was it for now. I think I'll go and make that cup of coffee now and start the soup. I don't really like the way the beer is making me feel. I hope it wears off quickly and I'll be back to normal soon. I think I like that state of mind better. I should really be a teetotaler.

Have a nice evening and don't feel bad if it rains. It's cozy inside and you don't have to go out on a bike in it.



Elaine said...

I wish I could juts have one beer and feel the effects!

Fabric softener in a little warm water is fantastic for removing dried-on acrylic paint from brushes/pots/plates/whatever you use. You could try it on the table.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. So great about Jesker.

Glad you were able to enjoy the creative therapy class. I hope you don't have to wait too long to join the downstairs classes. I know what you mean about worrying you will be left with nothing for a while. Obviously you can paint at home, but the social contact and support is so important.

Hope your soup goes well!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Anil P said...

Meditative writing to go with a meditative landscape.

Nice reading.

aims said...

Gosh - I was worried about Jesker. Reminded me so much of looking after my Dolly.

I hope he improves and gets back to his old self - or as close as he can to it.

It is so worrisome when animals fall ill. We never know what they are feeling because they can't tell us. Much like a baby.

Thinking of you and yours.

VioletSky said...

Good news about Jesker. How old is he? He'll likely be needing a lot of extra attention for awhile.

And it is sad, but I find now that one beer and I am soooo sleepy and full.

Use your charms for all your worth, lady, and get yourself exactly what you need!

laurie said...

oh, man, i am so sorry to hear about jesker! i had to scroll back through all of your posts to read what i missed during my week out of town.

i know what you are going through. i bet that once this infection has run its course he'll be back to normal. but i know how terrifying it is to watch them when they're so sick.

you have given him such excellent care. that is one lucky dog.

Babaloo said...

As Laurie said, you're taking such good care of Jesker - and it's paying off! I'm glad he is a bit perkier.

And it's good that you went to therapy this morning, a change of scenery and some distraction was just the right thing it seems.

Hope you have a good evening!

Frances said...

so good to hear that Jesker is a bit better and that you were able to get out for a change of scenery.
keep well

Gail said...

Good news for Jesker.

Have you thought about splitting a plastic garbage bag or something like that to cover the table?

Maggie May said...

So pleased about jesker's continuing better health.
Can't wait to see the paintings.

It is raining and really depressing here.
Hope you manage a good day.x

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

Let me know how Jesker is, please!
(and you too, of course, my dear!)

Kate Morris said...

First visit to your blog. I notice you have a book by George Mackay Brown in your book list. Did you read the brilliant biography of him by my friend, Maggie Fergusson? You should.

Grit said...

hooray for healthy, productive days!

Anonymous said...

Nora, your blog is wonderful. I love your insights, and I love the images that accompany them. They sing to the artist in me. :)

It's good that Jesker seems to be on the mend. It's just like aims said earlier, that you never know what animals feel because they can't tell you. It fills one with a foreboding sense of responsibility really.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Hi Tony, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. It's nice to be praised. Please do it more often.

Jesker is doing really well by leaps and bounds. I am so lucky!