Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday night!

At the danger of not writing an upbeat post, I am going to try and write one anyway and see what I can make of it. It is a compulsion to write, even when I don't feel all that great and like something the cat dragged in. I thought I would not write anything tonight, but I find myself sitting here all on my own with nothing else to do, so there you go. Idleness is the devil's playground, after all, isn't it? While I should really just go to bed, I find myself here behind the computer instead with too much idleness. Yes, go ahead and read the article, it is interesting.

I'm keeping myself artificially awake by drinking coffee with low fat milk, no sugar, I only take sugar in my porridge and tea and in my porridge I take copious amounts of it. I am being silly aren't I, putting in all those links, but I thought I might be fun for you to look up all those things If you felt like doing so, as if I'm writing a scientific paper or an entry to Wikipedia. Just as a by the way, there is a big difference between sugar obtained from the sugar beet and from the sugar cane.

Well, I do get side tracked into trivial matters don't I? That reminds me, does anyone play Trivial Pursuit anymore? It used to be the rage in the 80's. We used to play it with a steady group of friends and took turns at each other's houses and provided food and drinks and lots of laughs. We also used to play Charades and my friend Laura once did a very good "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Those were the days of our middle class innocence when we all lived in our nice suburban houses in our nice suburban neighborhood with out 2.4 children and our two cars and our workaholic husbands and our volunteer jobs and our get together brunches and for me it didn't work out and I don't know why it did for them. I guess they believed in the American dream more then I did. I've certainly left that life far behind me to go and live in the Welfare Sate where someone like me is in safer hands. In the United Sates I would now be a poverty stricken
homeless person, or somebody living in a trailer on welfare payments, living off food stamps and probably not receiving the medical care I need. Aren't I lucky that I never became a citizen of the United Sates and didn't lose my rights as a Dutch citizen?

Jesker, who by the way is a cocker spaniel, is lying on his blanket sound asleep beneath the coffee table. He is completely settled down for the night. Gandhi is lying on my bed and Toby is wandering around the apartment.

Well, now that I've given you this post with all these links in it, I'm going to bed I think. It is late enough for it, but I can sleep late in the morning too.

I hope you all have a good night and forgive me my indulgences. It made the post worth writing.



Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I looked up sugar cane and sugar beet and was shocked by the horrid chemicals they use to refine it. There are some things it's definitely better not to know!

So, you were a Desperate Housewife?!

However things looked from the outside there are sure to have been many other women living in middle class surburbia who felt pretty bad on the inside. A lot of people are just good at covering up their secret despair.

Yes we are very lucky to live in countries where there is a good welfare system and excellent free healthcare. Very lucky indeed.

Hope you and the furry ones are merrily asleep by now,
Bearfriend xx

Stacie said...

I do not understand the American Dream. It looks pretty but I usually find out that it is seriously flawed underneath the surface. I like the links,

Babaloo said...

I like all the links. I'm definitely going to check out some of them.

We used to have more or less regular games evenings with friends back in Germany. It was fun and we took turns in providing the food and it usually lasted until well past midnight. It's either the changing times or the Irish are different but people here don't seem to do this kind of thing. Pity really, we had some great times, with Trivial Pursuit, Uno and the likes.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Stacie, I feel I came very close to living the American Dream. Let's say I had a very big taste of it and I am sorry it didn't work out. My dream was very flawed, but for some of my friends it worked and it is still working. It's an illusion that some people are able to make come true. I was not one of them.

Gail said...

The American Dream, as I understand it, was the chance to be anything you wanted to be, to own land, and if you worked hard enough, that dream was available for all Americans and future Americans.

From English/German/Irish/Cherokee descent, that was what I was taught. You can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough.

To some that dream is different as all our dreams are.

The love and care of the land was Our American Dream and it has been true since my collective ancestors passed through Ellis Island. It was not easy but they saw their dreams come true.

They believed if you cared for the land, the land would care for you. We have inherited that mind set and try to carry on the tradition.

Good post.

Wisewebwoman said...

Ah the American Dream, Irene: how idealistic, how unattainable for most but many still buy it (look at all the poverty stricken protesters against universal health care for a really great example of brainwashing!). No such thing. We are all individuals with our own dreams.
You are blessed to live in a country that honours yours.

John M. Mora said...


sitting legs wide

Maureen said...

Ha ha! Love the linkage!

I loved Trivial Pursuit... we have a few versions and played it all the time. Well, we had too. It was invented by a Canadian!