Thursday, October 22, 2009

On the halfway there.

Well, I slept on the sofa half of the night, because that is where I conked out in front of the TV in my pajamas and bathrobe, but I did, at one point, have enough sense to make it to my bed, where I slept much more comfortably, until I was done with that at some early hour of the morning. I don't quite remember when I got up, but it was before the alarm clock went off and the animals followed me hoping for I know not what, but they are always so full of expectations, giving me a great sense of responsibility and a huge guilt feeling, because I don't know what they want, except for all sorts of things that I'm not going to give them, like lunch meat and cookies.

So, I sit with my cup of coffee and my cigarettes and have these animals staring at me from their different positions and I feel as though they're trying to hypnotize me into doing something against my will. Toby is especially good at it and sits and looks at me quite motionless for a long time while I try to ignore him. I finally get up and pour fresh milk in his dish and sometimes that's what he wants, but not always. It's a guessing game.

The worst culprit, though, is Jesker, who after pondering on it for some time, decides to come and bother me for some unknown thing that I have to try and figure out. After yipping and yapping at me for a while, he decides he needs to go out back, where is does a minuscule piddle and for which he wants to be rewarded. That is after I have petted him extensively, because I'm supposed to do that too, although it is not always very clear, I wish he would just tell me what's on his mind, it would make it so much easier. Of course, that's what he's trying to do.

I got all my Bookmooch packages ready to be mailed and went to the supermarket, along with ten cans of dog food and the cash register receipt. I turned those in at the customer service desk and got my money back without a problem. Then I went to the little post office to mail the books that were going all over the world and I just about had a heart attack at the amount of money it cost me to send them, but these are the last ones and I have no further requests. If they do come, they'll come trickling in from this point forward and I'll have enough points now to mooch more books. It's because I was a new member with a new collection of books that I got so many requests all at once. I spread them out over a couple of months.

I went to the dog food aisle and bought Jesker some senior dog food in pouches, of which he will get one a day, and I bought him some new dried dog food for senior dogs that I hope he will like, because he's not eating what I have now. He's such a finicky dog and we have such food issues. It's like trying to get a little kid to eat what's on his plate.

When I came home, I took away the old food and gave him the contents of one pouch on a clean dish and he liked it very much and is now very contentedly sleeping. If he eats well, he is always very pleased and has a big sleep and is as happy as a pig in a pen. He just oozes happiness from his whole being. He lies there in a big puddle of satisfaction. My effort is to achieve this with the least amount of nutritious food.

I can't find my glasses anywhere. I looked for them this morning before I went out, but all I found were two pairs of reading glasses and two pairs of sunglasses. I have to go look around some more in a little while. I saw them not too long ago, but I don't remember where that was. They are not in their case, which would be the most obvious place for them. I hope they are covered by my insurance, because they would be expensive to replace. All I can think is, that I was wearing them and without thinking took them off and put them down some place, but it could have been anywhere...

...I just spent half an hour looking for my glasses again and I can't find them anywhere. I did find my old glasses that are not quite the right strength, but I'm wearing them and they are better than nothing at all and I quite like the way they look. They were expensive glasses too, because they are made from titanium (anti-allergy). I don't rightly know why I ever switched frames, except that the Exfactor said he didn't like them anymore, but this was during the time that he was falling in love with someone else, so now, in hindsight, I know he wouldn't have liked me in any kind of frames. So, since my new glasses seem to have disappeared, I will get new lenses for the titanium frames and I will be all set. I did call my insurance broker to see if I can claim my lost glasses and he is going to call me back and let me know if there is a way in my policy that I can do that. In other words, we're going to bend the rules a bit.

I'm glad I found the old glasses, because when I put them on and I looked in the mirror, I immediately liked them better than the new glasses and didn't feel that dislike about them that I had about the new ones. They are also very lightweight and I hardly notice that I'm wearing them. So you see, happiness hides in a little corner.

In the meantime, I've forgotten to walk Jesker before noon and I can't walk him now because I'm waiting for the delivery of those clothes. Jesker keeps looking at me and he knows that I'm supposed to take him for a walk, but he'll have to go out back for now. That's not much of a treat for him, but it will have to do.

I'm not wearing my shit kicking boots. I'm wearing my flat soled boots of which I glued one sole and I see I still have to glue the other sole. I'll have to do that tonight so it will be dry in the morning. One heel of the shit kicking boots is worn away unevenly and I can't walk on them anymore until I get it fixed. I'm going to twist my ankle if I keep walking on them. That's what you get if one leg is longer than the other. If you're a cripple!

Well, that's all I'm going to share with you for now. I think I will go do some laundry. That ought to keep me out of trouble.

Have a nice day!

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Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora.

I can imagine that the postage was very high for all those packages to foreign lands. Sometimes I think it must be cheaper to buy the books second hand where you live?

Glad Jesker liked his new food. It would be very difficult to feel like you were denying him something tasty in your efforts to reduce his bulk. Your animals are so demanding!

Sounds like you need the services of a cobbler! Not so easy to find these days. Over here it's cheaper to buy a new pair than get some repaired.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Babaloo said...

I sent a book to the US the other day and it was 10 Euro! I expected it to be expensive but not like that... But then, I can get 3 books from Ireland for 1 I send off overseas, so it's still OK. I went off immediately and requested some books from Ireland. :)

We do have cobblers here although I haven't used one in a while. If it's a favourite pair of shoes or boots getting them repaired is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Postage costs are at a ridiculous rate these days, no one knows where they're up to with the sizes of envelopes and what to send in which packages.

As for the animals, I know just what you mean. They hypnotise you don't they! They know exactly which buttons to press.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh about your pets because mine do the same thing. They follow me around, looking at me with these expressive, brown eyes and I often find myself saying, "WHAT?" However, deep down, I know it has to do with treats, dog treats, cheese of a bit of lunch meat. I think they even fake having to go out to piddle, just to get a treat. They are pretty clever, or so they think.
Yet, they bring me so much happiness. They stay right by my side when I am sitting or in bed or walking, it is like having little kids. They really give so much, and don't ask for much in return. Gotta love that unconditional love.

Glen Close, the actress, wrote a wonderful article on The Huffington Post, about the Stigma of Mental Illness. I just read it and had to comment. She talked about the roles she played in movies, but also the fact that her sister is Bi Polar and nephew also has a mental illness. She is helping to start a new group to stop the stigma here in the US. I think it is called or something like that. I'm thrilled and ready to quit my job to be a part of it. Try to read her article because it is what I have been trying so hard to do here, but spinning my wheels.

Take care, my friend.

Maggie May said...

Postage is extremely high for overseas parcels. Royal Mail in this country is on strike for two days this week and there is an on going strike after that. it will be RM's death knell, I should think!

Hope you have a good night, Nora. x
Nuts in May

laurie said...

"happiness hides in corners." yes!

i had the same expensive experience with bookmooch that you did. i sadly finally had to change my option to "will not ship overseas." the postage was ridiculous and people could easily buy the book for less than i was spending.

Gail said...

Sounds like another interesting day. Free frames, what a find. Maybe your new glass part can be cut to fit your old frames...if you find them.

Maureen said...

I can't imagine shipping all those heavy books; postage is so outrageous, even from the US to here!