Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday afternoon...

I stayed up all night fooling around with Paintshop Pro, making Kaleidoscopes and Kaleidoscope Flips, one of which can be seen on my art blog here. I had a lot of fun doing that instead of sleeping, but it did mean that some time in the early morning, I had to go to bed. I took all my medicines and had breakfast and didn't wake up until one pm, when the doorbell rang. It was the Exfactor, who was very surprised to see me in my pajamas.

He said, "I suppose that means you haven't been to the store yet, have you?" I said that I hadn't, but he offered to go for me instead, which offer I didn't turn down, of course. First he walked Jesker and when he came back, he helped me and my sleepy head make a shopping list, which I would have been quite capable of making myself, but he was trying to be helpful. I put a lot of stuff on that shopping list, because I figured I would take advantage of his strong arms and legs, that can handle a bigger load on the bike than I can.

Off he went and by the time I had made a new pack of cigarettes and drank a cup of coffee, he was back again and we could unload the groceries, accompanied by a lot of noise from Jesker, who always thinks he needs to have something to say about the proceedings.

Luckily, there was fresh fruit juice to quench my thirst with and I had a tall glass of that. That tastes so good when you are thirsty and I'm having another one right now.

Last night I worked on that painting I had the brilliant idea for and it turned out well enough so that I know it will work on canvas. I was lazy and did not mix the proper colors, so it didn't turn out as nicely as it could have, but for a prototype it is okay and I'm pleased enough with it. I worked until I got tired and hungry and had something to eat and watched TV on the sofa, where I promptly feel asleep and slept until about midnight.

Then I made the mistake of turning on the computer and answering my emails and one thing led to another and before I knew it I was being creative and I couldn't stop. Yeah, well, that was my excuse. Of course, I could have just gone to bed, but I was having too much of a good time. I can't do that again tonight, because I have creative therapy tomorrow morning and I must not miss that.

Now the day has sped by and the afternoon is almost over. I still have sleep in me and I think I will read for a while on the sofa and let myself nod of again. First I must eat something. I'm still in my pajamas and bathrobe and it's very comfortable. I may never get dressed again.

Have a good day!


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Maureen said...

PJs and a bathrobe. Sounds like heaven to me!

And now for another session of "catching up" as I have been away for far too long....