Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wiling away the hours...

After I wrote that long post about cleaning the apartment, I took one heck of a long comatose nap on the sofa. I was out cold and didn't hear the alarm clock go off at 6 pm and slept right through it. Didn't take my medicines until I woke up at 8:30. Then I was truly awake, although Jesker had tried to wake me up a few times before that, but I had only in a very grumpy way been aware of that. He kept pulling my arm off the sofa and pushing against it and I kept pulling it back in. I finally tucked it under my body so he couldn't get to it, but he did complain. Just think of that, he was trying to get me to stand up the best way he knew how and I was completely ignoring him. How frustrating that must have been to him. To his great indignity, there were two cats lying on top of me and he can't have liked that very well. The poor critter. Well, I'm not always is my right mind, especially not when I'm stupefied by sleep.

At least I have a semi clean apartment that makes me feel somewhat happy and hopeful that I will get the rest done tomorrow. I completely pooped out after dusting my bedroom. It was like somebody let all the air out and deflated me. I couldn't have pushed that vacuum cleaner around if you had paid me for it. At least it will give me something to do tomorrow, because I'm not nearly done yet. There's the whole bathroom left to clean, which is alway my least favorite job and the one I do last, because I find it so disgusting. All those germs! They are my germs, but still. I'm always very suspicious of the toilet bowl and hate cleaning it. Yuck!

So, it's going to be a late nighter. I have settled myself behind the computer and I'm ready to see if tonight is the night that the clocks need to be moved back. I haven't watched the news and don't know if they are supposed to, but I figure that I'll see it on the computer clock at 2 am. I'll probably still be up at that time. My alarm clock is radio controlled and checks its correct time every hour, so it will also tell me what time it is exactly. In England the clocks are being moved back. I have that from a good source named Maggie May from Nuts in May. She's a reliable English grandmother and if you can't believe them, who can you believe?

The thing I don't like about turning back the clocks is that it will get dark so early in the evenings. Actually, it will still be afternoon when it gets dark. I do so dislike that, because It makes the days seem so short, although the good part is that it will be light earlier in the morning and that is good. It's no good going out in the dark in the morning when you feel you ought to still be in bed. So, I guess it has its pros and cons, but enough sunlight is an important ingredient to someone's mood and attitude. The Scandinavians get depressed during their long dark winters and escape to Minorca. So do many Dutch people, as a matter of fact. I think all retired people escape to Spain and get a tan.

Jesker has given up on me and has gone to the bedroom to sleep. He did give me a long glance over his shoulder as he left, but then continued on to his pillow beside my bed. The cats are lying on my bed also. They are creatures of habit. Even when I'm not. They just go ahead and desert me. It's very unfaithful of them.

I've just spent some time on the Pixdaus website downloading photos that I use at the top of my posts. I pick out the ones that I like and cut them down to the right size in Paintshop Pro.I do this every few weeks to get new photos and there are always oodles of new pages of them to choose from. I have to look through quite a few of them to find what I like, because some of them are not to my taste. Some of them are too cute, with animals doing adorable things or quaint landscapes that are too predictable. After a while, you can't see the forest for the trees and that's when you have to stop looking. You start thinking that everything is good or that everything is bad.

I find my wallpaper there too and frequently change it. I also find it at Foxsaver that comes with Mozilla Firefox. I like to change my wallpaper and go for a new look and have something interesting to look at when I start up the computer, or when I have it at rest. I have wallpaper for every kind of mood and find new ones all the time. I like change and would do more if I could. I like changing my blog template, but I'm always afraid of upsetting my readers. If it were up to me, I'd change it once a week. I wish Blogger had more templates to choose from. Come to think of it, I think there is a website where you can get them. I'll have to look into that.

Jesker has come back and is lying by my feet now. I guess he got a bit lonely. It can't be very comfortable lying on the hard floor, though. The cats are in the kitchen eating. It's a coming and going of animals. It's like a train station with a fast food restaurant.

Well, I'm off to find those Blogger templates and if I don't find those, there are blogs I have to read. I'm awfully behind in that. I'm so self centered, I only write posts and don't read any of the others.

Have a good night, if you're not asleep already.

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Gail said...

Sounds like an awesome day you've had.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

You always choose such lovely images for us to see. This one is espcially nice.

I cleaned the kitchen today, but 1 meal and 3 kids later it needs doing again. Story of my life!

Comatose on the couch sounds nice....

jeannette stgermain said...

You are more daring than most your age (sorry, over 25?) with changing wallpaper of your blog, etc.
I've a similar dilemma. Blogger has a lot of choices, but I don't like them...and I'm too lazy to go looking elsewhere (that's probably where they count on LOL)
I like this gray - it's classy!

Maureen said...

I wondered where you got all those images from! I like changing my laptop wallpaper too - much easier than REAL wallpaper ;)