Friday, October 09, 2009

Paintings, drawings, collages.

Painting Number One

Painting number two

Painting number three

Drawing number one

Drawing number two

Collage number one

Collage number two

All of the images are cropped, in other words, they are a little bit smaller than the actual size to take off the "noise" that was on the sidelines, the easel, etc.



laurie said...

oooh these are so wonderful. i particularly like the collages. very very nice!

Elaine said...

Wow...these are amazing! I absolutely love the paintings. In a strange kind of way they remind me of Rachel Olsen. I think it's the curve and the colours.

You should be doing this as a job.

Debi said...

Love Love Love these! Your style of painting is remarkable.

I agree with Elaine. You should be doing this as a job. Illustrator maybe?

Thank you for sharing them.

Share more! :)

Babaloo said...

Oh wow! That's all I can say.

Frances said...

I think these are great! Anyone would be glad to have them on their wall. Compared to a whole lot of stuff I have been looking at today, on sale in galleries, this is GREAT - so pleased.

Lane said...

Fabulous! What a talent you have!

Maggie May said...

These photos are very impressive Nora! Really they are so lovely. A sort of simplistic style that I like and the colours are very appealing and bright.I could imagine them in a child's story book.
Really...... I am quite taken with them. X

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Wow! What a nice suprise to start my day seeing these. I especially like collage number 2 and paintings 1 and 3. These are so lively and they look like you must have been in a really good space when you created them. A nice treat for us too!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I'm really struck by the clarity and balance in all your images. If these are indicative of your mental state then you are in a good place! Or maybe they are reflecting the state of mind you'd like to achieve.

My favourite is the 2nd collage. Beautiful shapes and use of colour. I would like to see a whole series of those!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

jeannette stgermain said...

Love what you did in the last collage, Irene! I'm sure there are some symbols in it:)
Thanks so much for sharing your colorful art! Which painters have influenced you, Irene? I'm asking because you ahve such a distinctive style.
Is your present profile pic also a painting of yours? I like it very much!

Patricia said...

what fun to peruse through a book of these vivid paintings...gorgeous colors, lovely lines. I've not been reading your blog very long, but awhile, and I didn't realize you did art work. Love to see more.

Gail said...

WOW!!!!!!!! I love each and every one. They are so vibrant and colorful and unique...just like you.

pinklea said...

Oh, the colours! Those clear, bright FABULOUS colours! Every single painting, drawing and collage you've shown here just jumps out of the screen and makes me smile! Thank you for sharing them - I want more! You are immensely talented, Nora - keep on creating!

Chris said...

I think these are all wonderful!
I especially like collage no. 1.
The colours in all of them are gorgeous, and to me (ignorant as hell about art I admit) they all have such a happy, bright energy!
Thanks for sharing these with us, I'll look forward to seeing more in the future...?
PS How is Jesker today?

VioletSky said...

There is so much life and vibrancy in all of these. The flowers look like they are dancing. I love the way the white flowers have leaves that resemble wings. The red flowers remind of sumac, which is starting to turn a vibrant red for fall at the moment.

You do have a very distinctive style, which is important. I think I prefer the paintings, but that is just me.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Patricia - thanks for your praise. It means a lot coming from a talented artist such as you. You will see more art soon. I promise.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Chris - thank you for your honest gut reaction to my art. I want it to make people happy, so I guess I have succeeded. You don't need to know anything about art to react to mine. You either like it or you don't. And you did, Thanks!

FlowerLady said...

I started smiling right off, and thinking these are 'happy' paintings. That's how they make me feel. I love paintings 1 and 2 and your second collage.

Very well done. You have a gift.


The Green Stone Woman said...

Flower Lady. I'm glad my paintings made you smile and they are supposed to make you happy. That's how they make me feel when I make them. Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it very much.

Tony Single said...

There's not really much I can add to what everyone else has already said so well. I love the vibrant colours and gentle shapes. Collage #1 is my personal favourite of this selection... there's something warm and nurturing about it. :)