Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art Blog.

Jesker woke me up at 3 o'clock this morning. I thought he had to go out, but he didn't. He was hungry and wanted a Bonzo bone. I tried to go back to sleep, but found myself wide a wake and after awhile I got up and made myself a cup of coffee and turned the computer on.

It is zero degrees outside, but in here it is still 19 degrees, even though I still have the top windows open on a crack in the bedrooms. It's going to be sunny and 8 degrees today. That's 46 degrees Fahrenheit for you Americans. That means it's cold enough to wear a scarf and gloves most of the day, except for maybe when it's at its warmest.

Connie Rose, who is a very gifted multi media artist herself, had urged me a couple of times to start an art bog, specifically to do nothing else but show my art on, so I did that this morning and started with one collage. You can find that art blog here and the link is at the top left page of this website. I've photoshopped the images to make them a bit more appealing and I will add a new one every day, until they start to run down to a trickle and I add them as I make them, or I will add digital images.

I think that will keep things nicely separated. The written world in which I tell you about my life as a 55 year old single Dutch woman, who happens to be manic depressive, and my artwork, which has nothing to do with that, but which I can refer you to here whenever there is something new. And I won't be as bashful about showing new things, because they will be safe there on the art blog.

In the meantime, I've gotten awfully cold and I have had to put on my slippers and bathrobe. I have cold hands and cold feet. As long as I can keep my extremities warm, I won't need to put on the heater. I'm not going to make the energy company happy with any extra money from me, no matter how kind and client friendly their commercials are. Making us feel all warm and snugly about using our energy wisely, but by all means turn on the heater on those cold nights. I pay a fixed rate every month and then pay extra or get money back at the end of the year, and you can all guess what I'm hoping for. I have energy saving light bulbs all over the apartment and I'm going to replace those with led bulbs as I need them, because those really save money and last a long time.

Jesker's appetite has completely returned and he lets me know in no uncertain terms when he is hungry. He puts on quite an act and you would think that he was the hungriest dog in the whole world and that I never fed him. He does not rest until I have gotten up and fed him, but after that he is as meek as a lamb and goes straight to sleep, until he decides that he needs to go out and do his business as a result of the digestion process. I am but a slave to his needs and urges. He has a timetable and I need to stick to it. The cats very stubbornly tried to get to his food in his bowl, but he defended it for all he was worth, but Toby managed to get a piece of it. He's a brave cat for trying. Shows you how intimidated he is.

I'm going to have to brave the cold in a while and I think I will put on an extra layer of clothes. There's no sense in freezing my buns off. I will put on thick socks as well and hope my boots fit me then. I really don't mind the cold as long as I'm dressed properly. There's no wind and the sky is clear as far as I know. I just don't want it to snow, because riding my bike in the snow is not something I look forward to. Last winter was bad enough, slipping and sliding all over the place on the patches where it was icy. I hope for no snow, but I think we will get it anyway. In Germany they already did. Colder winters are part of the climate change too.

Well, without much ado, I will end this epistle and bid you all a good day, or a good night if you are in that time zone. So good morning or good night, which ever applies to you.



Reasons said...

Popped over from Maternal's blog. I hope things warm up for you now I'm off to see your art.

laurie said...

it's cold here, raining/snowing. glad to hear jesker's improved so much.

i think you have a very artistic eye--and i love the photos you've been choosing to illustrate your posts lately.

aims said...

We have a good couple of inches on the ground here and it looks like it's going to stay. No summer - no fall - straight back into winter. Drats.

Hope your slippers keep your feet warm this winter! :0)

VioletSky said...

Love the idea of your art blog.
What a relief that Jesker is doing better and eating well.

It is cold and miserable here and I too must head out for more provisions and am resisting.

Debi said...

I am so glad Jesker is back to his old self. I was really worried there for a while.

I've already been to your art blog and I highly recommend it.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I'm amazed it's so cold outside where you are. Lucky I live on the temperate isle I suppose.

Personally I have to say I prefer commentary with the art rather than just pictures posted. I like to know what the inspiration was, what the artist was thinking, what they drew on for inspiration. And also I like to be told what foreign words mean! But that's just me. Maybe most people prefer just reacting to images with no background information or working it out themselves. I don't know.

Good on you for not letting the energy companies have any extra money.

Hope you get a good night tonight without Jesker's interference!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Gail said...

Funny how we cater to pets when I would never think of being controlled by a human like that.

I am thrilled about your new blog. Gypsy has one too.

The rains have stopped for now and it will be in the middle thirties Friday night.

Maureen said...

Oh yay! I can hardly wait to pop over to your art blog!

It has been cold here too; all of a sudden the seasons changed and we even got 10cm of snow last week. It is gone now, but the cold remains.