Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A new blog.

Someone suggested that I start a new blog with only my writings on it instead of adding links all the time to this blog for you to see my writing at other sites. I thought that was an excellent idea and I've set up a new blog called The Green Stone Woman Writings. You can also find the link to it at the top right hand side of this page. If you become a follower, I won't have to refer to it every time I publish a new piece of writing, although I will at first anyway for those of you who haven't caught on yet. What led to this was that the story I had published at Facebook was not accessible to you unless you were a member. You can now read it on the new blog.

I went to bed at 6:30 this morning and slept until 11 am. That is still not enough sleep, but it is better than no sleep at all. It does mean that I missed my creative class again, but I thought it was more important to catch up on my sleep. I feel pretty good now and like I'm fairly well awake. I'm still in my bathrobe and pajamas and I still have to walk the dog, but I will do that shortly, after I have had my second cup of coffee. The dog is sleeping by my feet, ready to go when I make the move.

I talked about all sorts of rubbish in my last post that I wrote during the night, but it may be worth reading it, so I won't have to repeat myself. Not that I never repeat myself, because I know I do. I don't have such a great memory when it comes to the finer details of life and I know I rehash things that I've already discussed, but I'm sure you'll excuse me for this habit.

We have a blue sky streaked with clouds and the sun is shining. We're not expecting any rain and it is 13C outside. It will be nice to walk the dog. It is actually good weather for the time of year, as it is supposed to get as warm as 16C today...

...It was nice out. I could have done without a jacket. At least not one as warm as the one I wore. I've gotten two books in the mail, so that was a nice surprise. They are ones I got in my own country, so they only cost me one point. They weren't on my wish list, but they are nice additions anyway. It isn't always possible to get the books on my wish list, because many people in the USA no longer send books outside their country. I've also stopped sending books outside Europe, with the odd exception if I can afford it. It's too expensive to ship books overseas and you go broke doing it. It does have to stay an enjoyable hobby.

Well, that's all I had to tell you really. Just some information about the new blog that I hope you will enjoy. I'm going to be busy keeping them all straight and updated. I'm going to read now and have something to eat. Feed the mind and the stomach.

Have a good day!



aims said...

I'm always catching up these days with all the things going on over here.

What I see at the moment is that your sleep patterns are disturbed - far from your normal going to be and getting a good 8 hours and feeling as close to normal the next day.

So - here I am again saying you need to talk to someone about this. This is not normal - staying up all night and getting sleep here and there. You need structure to keep your mind structured.

On the other hand - I like how it is making you so creative. That is neat - but it is screaming out that something is askew. Have a talk with someone about it okay? I'm thinking you can't see it bu you need to trust an opinion from the outside looking in.

btw - It is snowing a bit here but supposed to be going to 10C on Friday - which is great. I still have a bit of outside work that needs to be done.

And today? I have the house to myself. I am putting on my headphones and dancing around doing whatever I please. Hooray!


Wisewebwoman said...

Stay safe GSW, it sounds like you are fragmenting again. I agree with Aims. You need to run this by a professional like your SPN. You're cycling too fast.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Love the new blog! It will be my favourite! I am proud to be your first follower. (took me about 6 goes to make it happen though - and not due to dropouts my end). I'll comment on those pieces there. It's like a metaphorical chocolate box for me! So many delicious things.

I too am concerned about you missing your creative class again due to your sleep patterns being so erratic. I really do think you need to get yourself into a regular habit - but I also know how difficult this is to do. I think some of it is feeling tired during the day - maybe due to meds? - so you sleep for a few hours and then when it comes to night time you have already done some sleeping so want to be up and awake and then it goes on and on. So difficult to break out of it.

Perhaps you need to be strict with yourself and not allow any more day time naps for a while. And, as you've done before, making yourself stay in bed if you awake in the night. Or getting straight back into bed if you have to get up and use the loo.

I'm not sure that talking to someone would help unless your meds are really making you too sleepy to be able to stay awake in the day. Or maybe agreeing a formal schedule of sleeping at specific times with your SPN would be helpful. I know from my own experience that goal setting works much better if you have someone to check in with as to whether you are achieving it or not.

I really get upset to hear that you missed your class because I know how much it means to you and how good it is for you.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Gail said...
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Gail said...

What I deleted was that I could not follow your new amazing blog but now I can!

Maureen said...

Oooh! I shall pop over to your other blog shortly! Great idea!