Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What is there not to like?

My stomach is protesting loudly at the cups of coffee I am having, so I suppose I will stop drinking them and switch to lemonade instead. I am a one woman orchestra right now, making all sorts of noises. I suppose Tyke is used to hearing them and that is why they are not waking him up out of his sound sleep. Although I must say that he is snoring himself and between the two of us, we could make the building shake on its foundations.
Today is the day that we get our new king after not having had one for 123 years. We have had queens all that time. The country has gotten itself ready for a huge celebration and everybody is ready for it. For the most part, we do love our royal family, so this is going to be a very special occasion. Even the socialists will pledge their oath to the new king. The new king, in turn, will pledge his oath to the constitution and to the people of the kingdom.
The Exfactor will come here and together we will watch the investiture on television this afternoon. The abdication of queen Beatrix will take place in the morning, which means that she will put her signature to the act of it. From that point on, Willem-Alexander is already king and his oldest daughter, Amalia, will then carry the title of Princess of Orange. One day she will be queen. I have to live a long time if I want to see that happen.
Now I have to go back to bed to sleep a few more hours because it is not quite dawn yet. The Dutch Railways will already be carrying lots of people to Amsterdam on all their extra trains that will run late into the night. There are many tourists there too and news crews from all over the world. There are one million, or maybe as many as two, visitors  expected in the capitol.

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Maggie May said...

I've been listening to the all night radio and have heard all about your new king to be and how popular his wife is in Netherlands.
I am one of those people who think that the Royals are more of an asset than a drain on the country, though I don't think this is the most popular view over here.
hoping you enjoy watching the ceremonies on TV.
Maggie x

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