Thursday, April 18, 2013

Patience is a virtue.

I am waiting for the domestic help to get done in the kitchen so I can make myself a sandwich. I am very hungry and my stomach is going to start growling any minute now. I already had one earlier today, but that was some hours ago and al I have had since then is some coffee.
It is hard to share the apartment with someone else who is constantly pointing out things to me she wants to do differently, especially when I have to tell her that there is a reason why they are done the way they are. And she is stubborn too and hard to convince and very sure that she is right. We have our little battles every time she is here. I am still in charge of my household and things really will go the way I say they will.
Tyke just looks adoringly at everything she does while he tries to stay by my side as much as possible. That does bring conflicting situations and sometimes he has to choose what to do. Stay by my side or follow her around. I do think he likes staying by me better in the end.
I am also terribly in the mood for a nap but I am not going to have the chance to take one. I am waiting for a phone call from the doctor who is in charge of my gastric band. He is supposed to call me sometime this afternoon so I will not be able to go to sleep. If his phone call woke me up, I would be completely discombobulated and not be able to talk to him in any sensible way.
I think the reason that I am so sleepy, is that events of the last week or so are catching up with me and I need a day of real rest and not just a day off during which I do all sorts of things anyway. I think I will make that day tomorrow and take it easy and try not to get involved in any projects other than taking Tyke for walks. I say that now, but it will probably not work out that way.
I keep getting distracted by my domestic help and her theories about dirt and how it comes about and how to prevent it. I just say, "Yes, no and amen," and do not argue too much. I do things my own way anyway. It is very tiring.
I am off to make a sandwich.


Gail said...

Oh, to have a problem with domestic help! I am glad you do have assistance.

Friko said...

My cleaner came today. I don’t think she is very particular any more, she’s been coming too long and is taking me for granted.

I have caught up with your recent posts again and your various visits to health professionals. Good luck with them

I didn’t know you have a gastric band. Why? For slimming purposes? You are thin already, aren’t you?