Friday, April 05, 2013

Here I am in the corner...

My stomach must be empty again, because it is making an awful lot of noise when I drink what is left over from my glass of lemonade. I was going to have some coffee, but now I have serious doubts about that. I think I am going to have to eat a bowl of yogurt first, because I am going to run into all sorts of problems if I do not. That's not such a bad thing to have to do, of course. I do enjoy eating a bowl of yogurt, especially when it is such good yogurt like this organic kind is. It is thick and creamy and with a bit of sugar in it, it goes down real easy.
I had planned to take a nap this afternoon, but when I was actually lying down in bed, I realized that I was not that sleepy and that whatever sleep I did feel, I was going to save for tonight. It is warm enough in the apartment not to be uncomfortable and I have thick socks on. I am definitely not suffering from cold feet and even my hands and the tip of my nose are halfway warm. That is almost a newsworthy item with its own little headline. I can always announce it on Facebook.
Well, I just ate the yogurt and I feel ever so much better now. I feel like a newly born human being and no doubt the coffee I am making will settle better in my stomach too. It is amazing what a difference a little bit of food makes to your whole attitude. Now that I can eat at least two things without much of a problem, I do realize how important it is to have a well filled stomach to function on. I had gotten so used to discomfort and pain when I ate, that this is almost a whole new experience for me.
The coffee tastes very nice and is just what I needed for my somewhat sluggish head. The caffeine is hitting all the right spots in my brain and making them work at full speed again. That is ever so much better than sitting here not quite functioning 100%. I have done all I can do now. I have given my stomach good food and my brain caffeine, there is not much more that I can do that would make it better. Oh, I do like it when, on occasion, I take good care of myself. I should really make a habit of it.


Connie Rose said...

Just another comment about foods and stomachs, based on my own experience: our bodies change over time. Things we could once eat we may not be able to "stomach" any longer. Something I love but can't eat any more is pineapple, either the fruit fresh OR canned, or the juice. I have an immediate acidic reaction to it. There are other things I can't eat any more, as well, because over the years I started to get allergic reactions to them. In this case, for me, it is salmon (which I used to LOVE), also shrimp. With these foods it's not my stomach that gets upset, it's that I essentially break out in hives INSIDE my mouth and around my lips. Really. So I avoid these foods like the plague.
All this to say, what you could always eat in the past might not be working for you any longer. Things change.
Have a great weekend. xoxo

Friko said...

If you can eat yogurt you can’t be lactose intolerant. It must be something else.

Yogurt was the first thing I had to give up and instantly afterwards cottage cheese. It really makes me sad, because I used to enjoy both very much.

I shall write as soon as I have a minute. I don’t know why I’m always busy, it must be all this blogging.

VioletSky said...

food and fresh air - the best revivers.

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, I agree with Connie Rose, my body has changed, I think I mentioned to you before about any form of corn (and you would be amazed at how AgriBiz has inserted it into everything like cereals and even juices for starters. I don't do much milk I would tell you but having said that I do make my own organic yogurt and I adore cheese.
Enjoy your weekend, I've been procrastinating so much I must must must get some work done.

Gail said...

Isn't it wonderful when things work out so well.