Friday, April 26, 2013

And sometimes it rains...

The good news is that all my test results came back normal, so apparently I am a very healthy woman and I think that is worth a celebration. When I go to the grocery store Sunday afternoon, I will buy something very decadent to eat and have a party all by myself while watching sports on television. Is that not a good idea? I thought so, and I think I know what I want to get, but that is going to stay a secret. I will tell you about it when I have actually bought and consumed it.
The other good news is that Tyke's new red collar arrived in the mail, and that he looks splendid in it, but that may be because I made a real big deal out of it. I praised him mightily and he thought that was just wonderful and made him stand proud. You must always make your dog feel good about himself.
Gandhi was less thrilled about the new flea collar that I had to put on her and it took some effort because she has me all figured out. She sees me with the box and runs in another direction when I call her name. There is a lot of trickery involved to get the darn thing on her, but I succeeded in the end. If only she knew what a favor I am doing her.
All of this effort was preceded by a huge hot flash that lasted a long time and made me feel quite emotional. My raging hormones have not calmed down yet and they still bother me at night too. Having them during the day is like having a sudden fever attack and all I can do is wait for them to pass. I think if you doused me with cold water, steam would come off me and the windows would fog up.
I do know that when I have one of these hot flashes, I can not do any sort of rational thinking or make any important decisions. My emotions have the overhand. Thank goodness that it is only a temporary condition and that I do not permanently walk around in this state. It would be a real pain in the neck to be constantly bothered by them and not be capable of rational thought for long periods of time.
I have now been on the new dose (3 mg) of my antipsychotics for almost a week and I think I am making it work. I feel my emotions more, but I suppose that is a very human condition and something that I have to be willing to accept. One thing I must not be and that is afraid of my emotions. I only have to worry if I feel them to extremes or obsessively. I am sure that one of you will warn me if you see signs of that.


Gail said...

Call your hot flashes power surges.

It has rained here almost all day.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh that pees me off, dropped my comment because of 'editing issues', never seen that one before, i need to copy before I post, right.

Power surges. yes I always called them that.