Thursday, April 04, 2013

Oh no, I've said too much...

I can not sleep late in the morning because a domestic help is going to be here early and it will not be my usual one. She works on Mondays and that was a holiday this week. I do not much enjoy getting a replacement, but the place does have to get cleaned up and look spiffy for the weekend. I will change the bed today and do the laundry immediately and have clean sheets to sleep between tonight. That is one of my great pleasures. I would have clean sheets every night if the laundry dried on time. I must have lived a privileged life in my previous one.
I can not believe it, but I have had to take off my new, sporty watch because I am having an allergic reaction to it and I thought it was impossible because of the materials it was made of. I have hives on my wrist and have been scratching them too much. I will have to put some cortisone crème on them right away before I make it worse. What a bummer that is. I suppose that is an another reminder that I can not buy anything that is a cheap deal. There is always a catch to it. If it sounds too good to be true, then it must be. Be forewarned, Irene.
You would think that by the age of 50 and up, I would have this all figured out, but still there are some bits of knowledge that slip through the mazes. These are errors in my thinking that I should know better about and do not stop and consider when I make a choice. That is why I think I sometimes need an alter ego to help remind me of this kind of stuff. Or maybe I need a good instruction booklet to be consulted regularly. A built in chip might work too. It would send out a warning signal when I am about to commit a stupidity. Or call it kindly: an error in judgment. I think I would like that.
It is too early to go back to bed, or rather, I could, but I would be unable to take my morning dose of medicines and would have to wait until I woke up again in the morning and then it would take a while for them to work. Between waiting for that and the coffee to work, I may be in a stupor for a while and I always try to prevent that because it is so disconcerting. It would take me at least an hour to come to my senses and then I would still have to get dressed and walk Tyke before I could do anything else. The domestic help will have to work around me while I get my things in order. Sometimes it is tough to have two people trying to manage one household and it is best if I stay out of the way.
Right, I will set the alarm clock and hope for the best. I do need to get my beauty sleep as I get older more and more. And lots of baby lotion to get the wrinkles out.

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Rob-bear said...

I opened up your page, and got a blast in the eyeballs. My, what a change, Irene!

I'm sure it's nice to get some domestic help to keep your place. But, yes, other people intruding in your life can less than comfortable — no matter how well-meaning they are. And having to delay your medication to be able to intelligently talk to the help, that's another not-so-helpful experience.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting