Saturday, April 06, 2013

Losing my religion...

I think I am going to completely forget about food intolerances as a cause for my stomach problems, because if I were to believe in that theory, I would have intolerances to so many foods that it would be ridiculous. So, scratch that theory. I think that was so much nonsense that I was trying to get away with while not getting to the crux of the real problem and that is that there must be something else wrong with my stomach which hopefully the endoscopy will make clear.
In the meantime, I am eating my yogurt and custard (vanilla pudding) and having an almost contented stomach, but I have to be careful that I do not eat too much because there is a tendency to want to overdo what works well. My stomach feels pretty good when it is full and starts to protest and hurt when it is empty, so the natural effect is that I want to feed it and yogurt and custard are not the most slimming products to eat. Especially not when you add sugar to your yogurt.
I have written on the white board in the kitchen with a permanent marker and now, before I can make a new grocery list, I will have to try and clean it with nail polish remover. If I do not continually write things down that I need on it, I am in danger of forgetting to get half of what I need at the supermarket. That is how much I have come to rely on it. Of course, a lot of the things that I get are always the same, but some odd items do sneak in every once in a while and must be written down immediately the moment I think of them.
I got a new tube of cortisone crème from the pharmacy with a prescription that the doctor's office had faxed there and I noticed that the name of it was just a bit different than what I had before, so I read the enclosed description. It turns out that this crème is not only good for eczema, but also for plantar warts, so I think I will try it on the one I have on the bottom of my foot. I also have one left on the ring finger of my right hand. It escaped attention when I had the other ones removed and is now growing. With a little bit of luck, I will be able to get rid of both of them.
The habit of slathering myself in baby lotion before I go to bed at night is paying off by giving me very soft skin. Now, I am not going to make the claim that it is wrinkle free, but it looks a lot better than it did before. I am very generous with the lotion too and it is a good thing that I have such a large bottle. I do smell like a baby when I am done and I have already priced the next bottle when I need to get it. The supermarket I shop in has a store brand and I am sure it is a good quality because they do have their reputation to think of.
I know how well my stomach is doing by how well I tolerate my cups of coffee and so far it is going well. I am going to have to stop drinking them, though, and get ready to go back to bed, although I do not feel at all sleepy. I will have to take a paracetamol for the pain because I do have that, but it is almost continuous.

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