Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What kind of a day was this?

Well, I got to the eye clinic right on time early this morning, only to be told by the assistant that my appointment was not at all today but in two weeks from now. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I could have sworn that I wrote the right date down in my agenda.

Anyway, I had to ride my bike home again because it was another hour until my appointment with my psychiatrist. I did that very gladly because I really wanted another cup of coffee. I had not had enough of it yet when I had gotten ready after I got up.

Tyke was happy to see me back so soon again. He was not expecting me. It was his lucky day and he sat on my lap while I had a cup of coffee and finished waking up. But soon enough it was time to leave and I hopped on my bike for my next mission.

It was good to see my psychiatrist and I got him up to date on my life in so far as I had not done that by email yet. He wants me to have a bunch of blood work done to make sure I am healthy and to check the medicine levels in my system. He is also going to check my vitamin B's and my folic acid. I think he just about checked every box on the form, so I am going to be donating a few vials of blood tomorrow. I am glad he is doing this and am curious what the outcomes will be.

I thought I had an appointment immediately afterwards with my therapist, but it turned out not to be on the schedule for another hour later. I went to the pharmacy instead and home again for a while so that I could surprise Tyke again. He sat on my lap some more while I had some more coffee and a sandwich. The sandwich was great and filled my stomach and stilled my hunger.

I went to my therapist, but once I was there, I realized it was only a formality because I did not really have anything to talk about. She and my psychiatrist keep each other up to date about me, so two visits are kind of redundant unless something really important is going on in my life. But according to the protocol, I am supposed to see both of them every three months and it is really a luxury problem.

I am yawning something awful and I assume it is because I need the cup of coffee I just made for myself. I think I will have the left over Bami Goreng for dinner because I had another sandwich this afternoon and still feel pretty full. I am daring to eat more varied now because I know there is nothing seriously wrong with my stomach. That knowledge does make a huge difference in how I approach food. I have seen the inside of my stomach and I know it is okay.


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Rob-bear said...

Glad your stomach is OK, and that you are eating better! Too bad you made the extra trip, but it was, indeed, Tyke's lucky day.

I also understand they buried some woman in Britain who had caused a lot of harm in that land.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting