Thursday, April 25, 2013

Laundry and dishes and other fun things.

The washing machine is churning away making the sheets fresh and clean again. I have changed the bed and am looking forward to getting between the covers tonight. If I leave that kind of thing to the domestic help, it would only happen once every two weeks and that is not nearly often enough for me.
The dirty dishes are soaking in very hot soapy water and as soon as I am able to put my hands in it safely, I will wash them. You may get the impression that I do not like this chore, but that is not true. As long as I do not let them stack up for too long a time, I do not mind doing them at all.
The new dress is in the washing machine also because I thought it was a little bit too loose and I am washing things this time on 60 degrees Celsius, so hopefully it will shrink a bit. It is possible that it will not because the materials that clothes are made of nowadays do not seem to shrink in the wash.
Tyke and I have to change the route that we walk because the ground underneath a hedge that we pass has been weeded and some very small weed killing pellets have been sprinkled there all along the sidewalk and Tyke is trying to eat them. This morning he was throwing up out back so he must have eaten some of them without me noticing it.
It is a beautiful day outside and the sun is shining like mad. You would not think that tomorrow it is only going to be 10 degrees Celsius, but that is the sad truth. Even this morning, when we went for our first walk, I did not need a jacket. Tyke's fur certainly got cut at the right time.
The washing machine is on its spin cycle and very soon I will be able to hang the laundry outside, even though there is the small threat of rain. It will smell fantastic if it dries out there and the sheets will even be better to sleep between.
I think I will make a pot of coffee and have some toast with cheese before I tackle the rest of the chores. I do need some fortification. Working on an empty stomach has never been a good idea.


Gail said...

Okay, I need a cup of your ambition.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How scary to see your dog made sick by a walk! Why people feel the need to spread that poison is beyond me!