Sunday, April 14, 2013

A celebration.

To celebrate the fact that there is nothing seriously wrong with my stomach, I had a liverwurst sandwich without the crusts and I have to say that it was pretty much a success. I gave the crusts to Tyke and he was happy with them. I figure it is my gastric band that needs to be adjusted and that this will allow me to eat easier and more varied and I will try to get that done as quickly as possible. I could see on the photos that were made during the gastroscopy that it was still gathered pretty tight and that there was definitely room for improvement.
I look forward very much to being able to eat more and more varied food and that will mean that I will also eat healthier than I do now, because now I eat a limited variety of food and it is mostly semi liquid. It is a good thing that I take my vitamins every day or I would be very short of them in my diet. I would like to eat a cheese and ham croissant, for instance. For some reason I have had a longing for that, but there are all sorts of foods that I miss eating. I can't wait to get back to a more normal diet. The gastric band has been both a blessing and a curse.
The book that I am reading, and find myself caught up in, is called 'A Woman of Salt' by Mary Potter Engel. She holds a Ph.D. in Christian Theology and this novel is her first fictional work. She has since written another one. I think the one I am reading dates from 2003 and I picked it up when I was in the States once. It must have been on the bestseller list because I think I bought it at Target, which is not exactly the place where you expect to buy great literary works.
This novel is enough of an intellectual challenge while at the same time being completely entertaining and I hope to find more like it on my bookcase. I do not think you can indiscriminately read any female writer and expect to be challenged, although maybe comforted in your senses, but I do not want that. I do not want feel good stories with happy endings. Since I emptied my bookcase of two boxes full of books, I have not paid very much attention to what is left there and am ready to be surprised. The books are now arranged in alphabetical order so there is a system.
I can not really afford to buy any new books now and have to make do with what is on the bookcase, but I think there is enough there to keep me happy for a while, providing they are of enough interest to me. I do not mind reading a much loved novel for the second or third time, so that is not a problem.
Having talked about food, I now have to get something to eat because my stomach is growling.  



Connie Rose said...

Don't you have public libraries where you are? I swear by them, haven't bought a novel in many years. I refuse to, it's simply a waste of money even if it's a great book. Kind of like burning money. Borrowing them is the way to go.

Gail said...

I too wonder about public libraries or a book exchange store. Maybe you can find someone who is willing to swap good reads.

Glad the health news us good and you are enjoying reading again.