Thursday, April 11, 2013

Living on the edge.

I was in dire need of a cup of coffee,, but didn't realize it, and I sat here slowly collapsing into a helpless heap of woman until I realized that I had to quickly brew a pot. I have had my first cup now and feel a lot more cheerful and energized. I felt so energized that I even walked Tyke and fed both the animals their dinner, which they are chomping down now with much appetite.

The Exfactor and I went to the Russian Exhibit at the museum this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised. The paintings covered two decades of art before the Russian Revolution, and represented a huge movement away from Realism toward a world of Symbolism and Neo-Primitivism and Abstract and Analytical Art. I didn't like everything I saw, of course, but with some of the works I was really taken, especially those of Aristarkh Lentulov and Pavel Filonov. I would hang the work of the first one in my apartment and the work of the second one in a cathedral.

I had forgotten how much I liked going to special exhibits at museums, especially when you've already seen the regular collection, and I want to make it a point to go to more of them. I will have to bookmark the webpage of the museum and sign up for their newsletter. I really can't afford to go, but it is something I will just have to fit into my budget. I think I like it better than going to the movies and I like walking through an exhibit at my own pace and deciding for myself what I think is good. I didn't look at the accompanying literature until we had left the exhibit because I didn't want to be influenced by it.

It was an afternoon well spent and now I can't wait for the next occasion. I will have to wait a bit, of course, because I'm sure there will not be another one right around the corner. At least it will be something to look forward to and I can also keep an eye on exhibits that are put on in museums in other cities not too far away from here that I can reach by train. It's cheaper to travel in the weekends.
Tonight, at midnight, I have to fast until after I have had my procedure done at 11 o'clock in the morning. I know I will have a big stomachache from the hunger and that I will be in dire need of caffeine, but it is all for a good cause.  



Lane Mathias said...

It's great to feel nourished after an exhibition. Glad you enjoyed it.

Best of luck with your procedure. This time tomorrow you'll be drinking coffee again and well on the way to finding out the root of your problems.

Maggie May said...

Good luck for tomorrow. Hope it all goes well and that it isn't too difficult for you.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Grit said...

good luck with it, irene, and hope you recover quickly from the ordeal. xx

Rob-bear said...

Sonds like your trip to the Russian art had some benefit.

I do hope thing work out very well tomorrow morning!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Gail said...

What an exciting outing. I would love to be surrounded and absorbed in wonderful art.

Your procedure will go quickly and then you can totally restore your caffeine levels.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

ah, I do miss seeing art. We live in a bit of a cultural wasteland that way.