Monday, April 01, 2013

The distance in my eyes...

I managed to sleep until 10:30 this morning, which I think is a real achievement. I think I have not done such a thing in quite a while and it took me by surprise. I thought it was a real good way to start the day, having the morning mostly behind me already. I took my time having some cups of coffee while Tyke loitered by my feet half drowsy and not ready to go out.
When we finally did get around to that, we went out into a sunshiny world with a blue sky and fair temperatures, although I still had to dress warm. Maybe Spring is going to happen now. You would half believe so today. Tyke didn't do a lot of dawdling, so I didn't get to look in any gardens to see how the spring flowers were doing, but I will try to pay attention to that later today.
The grocery store opened at noon and I went there and bought enough mild, low fat yogurt and vanilla pudding to last me the rest of the week. When it really comes down to it, and when I compare them to all the other foods, they are the least bothersome ones I can eat. I have tried everything else, but they all make me burp and throw up and these two do not.
I put the contents of the pan of soup in containers and stuck them in the freezer. I do not know yet what I will do with the left over vegetables, although I am sure I can make the Exfactor happy with them.
I am drinking coffee now because I was having a mild afternoon dip. The coffee is weak because I used what was left in the glass jars and was too lazy to open a new package. My dip had rendered me incapable of doing something as simple as that.
It is the 1st of April and no one has fooled me yet, but that is because I have not seen anyone besides the people in the store. I am a warned woman and a warned woman counts for two so, hopefully, I will not believe anything anybody tries to tell me that is the least unbelievable today .Like, you have won the lottery!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How nice to see signs of spring! Hope you get a leisurely stroll later!

Wisewebwoman said...

Hope the rest of your day goes well!