Saturday, April 20, 2013

Faithfully recorded...

The sun is shining into the living room, but I have still turned up the thermostat a bit because there is a cold wind blowing and the temperatures are not that high for how bright and sunny it is outside. And let's face it, you know how I feel about being chilly. I try to avoid it as much as possible and do like being toasty warm. I have enough clothes on, so that is not the problem, but the thought of going outside to walk Tyke in a little while really does not appeal to me.
I will try to find all the stretches of sidewalk where the sun shines and avoid all the shady places, even if it means that I have to catch some wind. I really want to feel the beneficial sunshine on my face and I think Tyke will like it too. Besides, seeing life from a sunny perspective is so much better than seeing it from the shady side. I just crave sunshine.
I have done the few chores I had to do and am undecided if I am going to change the bed. I did it recently, but am tempted to do it again because clean sheets are so nice to sleep between. Oh, I have already talked myself into doing it and will put the duvet cover with the little red roses on and that will make me feel cheerful. What nicer way to go to sleep tonight.
I am postponing going grocery shopping until tomorrow afternoon. If I am smart, I can make supplies last until that time and not have to go sooner. I prefer to shop on Sundays because it is never busy then and I can take my sweet old time and wander through the store at ease. That does mean that I am also postponing the moment I can eat vanilla custard, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make and it will taste all that much sweeter when I do get it.
I have to change my clothes and make an interesting choice of what is available to me, which is not really a problem, of course. I just have to make sure it is warm enough. I feel like wearing something colorful and cheerful, preferably in the color red and I think I have several things that will do. I have to have a good look in my closet and remind myself of what is there. Hopefully, there will be no ironing involved.  
The three live plants that I have in a cute wooden container are actually doing well. They get whatever sun there is in the afternoon, and every Saturday I give them the same amount of water. I think these plants must be very hardy and willing themselves to live for me. I may also be doing something right. I am tempted to get more live plants, but almost do not want to push my luck.

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Gail said...

My house is where plants come to die. Outside is different.