Thursday, April 25, 2013

Idle time...

It is lovely to sit here in the middle of the night and to not have one worry on my mind because it is simply not the time to have any. There is, after all, a time and a place for everything and now is not the time to get bogged down in anything that I might be concerned about. Not that I have that much to worry about anyway, although I am not going to claim that my life's path is all that smooth and without obstacles. I simply choose not to let them spoil my mood and especially not right now.
That new brand of lemonade I talked about in my last post, is artificially sweetened and only has three calories per glass. I am not sure how I feel about the artificial sweetener because you hear so many negative things about it, but like I said, it does taste good. Maybe the price when it is not on sale is so prohibitive, that I will not buy it anyway and look for something else. It is difficult to find something that has not had something odd added to it. You have to read the labels well before you buy the product.
I am certainly hooked on toast with cheese and the toaster is getting quite a work out, especially now that I have found the perfect setting to make the perfect toast. If I am going to be a veganist, I am going to miss eating cheese very much and I am already thinking that I am going to cheat and not give it up at all and be an imperfect veganist. I would also miss the vanilla custard and the goat's yogurt that I have once a week as a treat to myself, so I suppose I can not be that militant about it, and yes, I will fail. But being imperfect is one of my more charming qualities.
Like everybody else in my time zone, I have a brand new day ahead of me and I am going to make the most of it. It is going to be a warm day and the temperature is going to get up to 23 degrees Celsius. We will all have to take advantage of this because after today, it is going to plummet down. Spring is trying to be here, but not really succeeding yet. The hedge at the elementary school has turned completely green and the rest of the shrubbery is also. Things look so much better now, but it is more difficult for Tyke to dive into the bushes to look for half eaten apples, although he does manage it somehow.


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