Friday, April 19, 2013

Being all alone is virtuous too.

Well, I am not actually all alone. Tyke is lying within an arm's length away from me snoozing. The Exfactor was here a while ago for a quick visit, so I did have a social contact today, but I am more than ready to be on my own and enjoy some silent hours. It has been a busy enough week for me to completely appreciate that. And I do always very much like the last hours in the afternoon before it starts getting dark and I have to think about what I am going to eat for dinner. It is when I enjoy my cups of coffee the most.
I had some chicken and pasta soup for lunch, because I thought it was going to be easy to digest, but it made me absolutely sick to my stomach. I think someone is trying to tell me not to eat meat, because whenever I do, it does not turn out well for me. There must be a guardian god of all the animals who is preventing me from eating them and enjoying it. I think by now I have gotten the message, but it is very difficult to buy any ready made soup without meat in it. I will have to skip that from now on and lead a more honest life.
In the meantime, I have decided to eat fried potatoes with Herbes de Provence for dinner. I have not had that in a long time and am completely in the mood for it. I am already getting happy in anticipation of it and even peeling the potatoes will be a fun job. See how easy it is to lift my spirits? It is the little things that make it all worthwhile.
There was no mail today, nor was there any yesterday, and in a way I am happy about that because it means less paperwork to deal with. It usually has a tendency to come all at once and I think the mailman plans it that way. I think he saves it up for days when I am in danger of being bored. Truly, that does not happen very often, but it is also true that I really do not get that much mail. Most of my monthly payments are withdrawn from my bank account automatically and I do prefer it that way. I so dislike paying bills and always used to put it off.
I did get a very pretty postcard with redwood trees on it from a blogging friend of mine. She lives on the Northern California Coast where there are many of these trees. I love getting postcards, and in the end, after I have admired them from up close enough, they end up on my refrigerator door. I never throw any of them away. Which reminds me that I must start sending some myself.


Wisewebwoman said...

I needed your post, it sounded like we were sitting down together and you were telling me about your day. Lovely.

Gail said...

Sounds like you are heading toward a wonderful weekend.