Monday, April 22, 2013

Yes it is, it is Monday again.

Today will be the day I will finally go to the diagnostic center at the hospital to donate those vials of blood for the tests my psychiatrist ordered. I had not got around to that because on the other days I had not been sober the way I was supposed to. I am making darn sure that I am now. Fortunately, that does mean that I can drink cups of black coffee, so I do not have to suffer too much.
Thank goodness that I have learned to drink my coffee black and did not find a suitable substitute for milk, although god knows I tried. That soy milk was a regular horror and the powdered creamer was not much to write home about either. Black coffee is very good all on its own once you get used to the taste and then you do not want it any differently.
Besides the vanilla custard, I also had goat milk yogurt yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot, although my stomach did protest a little bit. Custard and yogurt are pure comfort foods and I enjoy the texture and the taste and have myself a little party when I eat them. Those are moments of pure bliss and I suppose I will always have that one day in the week when I indulge in them. I would not want to eat them every day because they fill me up too much to eat anything else and that is nutritionally not very sound.
When I switch to a strictly vegan diet, I will have to give them up, but no doubt there will be other comfort foods that I will discover instead. I have to look more closely into it and see what the possibilities are and I am very curious what I will find out about it.
It is a good thing that I have my clothes picked out so I will be able to get dressed on automatic pilot in the morning. I do have to set the alarm clock and get up at a decent hour because I want to get to the hospital on time. There is always a long line of people with the same mission and there will be much waiting. There will be much opportunity to "people watch" which is a hobby of mine anyway.

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Rob-bear said...

Ah, you're off to feed the vampires at the hospital. If you've got lots of healthy blood, I'm sure the vampires will be happy to see you.

Happy dressing "on automatic pilot" and "people watching" in the queue at the hospital.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting