Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aiming for a higher goal.

According to my stats, I need to be done writing about mediocre subjects and really tackle something more controversial and maybe I would like to, but there are no controversial things happening in my life and that is pretty much all I care to write about. I try to stay away from politics and other socially loaded subjects like that, although I do have definite opinions on them. I think it is best if I do not share them too much lest I cause an uproar. Besides, I do on occasion change my mind as I become better informed on something and that would cause confusion.
I should not worry too much about the stats and not let them influence my writing. All I can really do is say what is on my mind. I do use this blog as a diary for me to look back on and remind myself of how I managed a particular period in my life. It is not written for the purpose of getting a Pulitzer Price.
I just got an email from my first ex-husband who wrote that he will be here some time in June if that was convenient for me. Of course, I have no big plans beside the ordinary, everyday ones and he can come whenever he likes as long as he lets me know ahead of time. I did tell him that, while he is here, he has to pay for his own groceries, as I eat quite differently than he does and I do not have the budget to pay for his American eating habits. It will be an amazing thing to go grocery shopping with him.
I got a letter from the radiology department at the hospital with the time and date my gastric band is going to be emptied some more and that will be in three weeks from now. That is a long enough time to wait, I think. I will very patiently eat small portions and avoid irritating foods until that time. I very much look forward to having it done and am going to ask the doctor to remove two units so the band will be a lot looser. I hope this will suffice. I can always have more removed if it does not. I waited too long to have it done this time.
My drop foot has improved quite a bit. I not only walk without the brace, I can also wear the ankle boots that have heels. It seems it was not really a permanent condition after all, and I can only assume that it will keep improving. My ankle is a lot stronger and less sore and does not give away on me so much anymore. I am pretty thrilled about this, because it gives me a bigger choice of footwear. I will never wear anything with real high heels again, but at least I will be able to wear shoes and boots that will be somewhat fashionable.
And now to have the money to pay for them...


Rudee said...

You are a kind soul entertaining the ex and not charging room an board. I think that's an interesting enough topic to discuss!

Sorry I haven't been around. I've had a sick family member.

VioletSky said...

There should be many festivities planned for the coronation of your new King, no?
I think you must be a special person to be able to get along with both exes :)