Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Where and when is the here and now?

I have just taken another one of those awful paracetamol tablets and the reason I say they are awful is because you start to taste them before you can swallow them. I took a big sip of tea his time, but it was an aborted attempt and I had to do it over again before the tablet went down. I think I want to take children's aspirin from now on that tastes like oranges or strawberries. Anything is better than that big bitter pill.
The reason I am drinking tea, is because I wanted to see if it agrees with my stomach better than coffee. I suppose it does, but I do not like the mental effect of it, in that it does nothing for me at all. I may as well be drinking water from the faucet. I can not wait to make a pot of coffee and am going to do so as soon as I have set a period behind this sentence.
There, that was easily done and now all I have to do is wait for the hot water to drip through the coffee grounds. You stare at the screen for a few minutes and your pot of coffee is done.
The Exfactor was here this morning and told me about a Russian exhibit at the museum and because the museum seldom shows anything good, we decided to go to it and critique it, although we may be pleasantly surprised and like it. We will be going Thursday afternoon and hope to get our money's worth of entertainment. I have not Googled the exhibit yet, but I will do so shortly. Goodness only knows what I will find out.
Putin was in the country yesterday to celebrate 450 years of our Dutch-Russian trade relationship. He was met by waves of protesters for every human right possible. Job Cohen, the former mayor of Amsterdam, helped put up rainbow flags in that city. Putin got gay rights mixed up with the rights of the pedophile foundation that is under investigation by the district attorney. I think he purposely did that to muddy the waters.
Our prime minister called the late Margaret Thatcher "a great leader and an icon for those in European politics" and we all hope that he did not mean that and that he does not have any ambitions along those lines himself. We call him, "the Teflon prime minister." Same principle as "Iron Lady."


Wisewebwoman said...

All the pols are singing from the same hymn book, Irene. Praising Thatcher indeed.

Can you link to the exhibit?


Rob-bear said...

Politicians are all alike. Praise for Thatcher. And how she destroyed Britain.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting