Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Midnight tales.

For a change, my stomachache is minor and, even though I had to take a paracetamol, I am not overly uncomfortable. I am even daring to drink some freshly brewed coffee and you know what a challenge that can be. I sure do appreciate my coffeemaker, but I have a feeling that one piece of advice I am going to get is to quit drinking coffee, so I must enjoy it while I still can, although enjoyment is a relative word. The best things in life come at a price and I do not know how I will manage without the caffeine and suppose I will go through all sorts of withdrawal symptoms.

I changed my appointment for the gastric endoscopy to this coming Friday. My GP would not write a prescription for a stronger pain medication until he knew what was wrong with my stomach, so I thought we had better find out quicker. This did mean that I had to change the appointment at the eye clinic to a later date, but I thought that was less important for now, although it is obvious that I am wearing the wrong glasses. No matter how often I clean them, I keep getting the idea that they are blurry.

I may have to have my thyroid levels checked, although I think that was last done in the fall and they were okay then. I know that if they are too high, it can affect your vision.

I do not like for there to be things wrong with me and find it very unsettling, although I do like the search for answers. I like the detective work of it, but I do not like not being in charge of it. Of course, that is a good thing because I do not have enough knowledge to be and to Google things leads to dramatic results and makes you believe you are on the edge of dying from a terrible disease. So that is best not done.

The best thing is to remain pretty much ignorant and to just be aware of your symptoms and describe them as well as possible to the doctor. You can not anticipate your diagnosis and steer events in some preconceived direction.
I have got to go back to bed. I just had something to eat and I do not feel so good now. I wish I had a hot water bottle or a heating pad.



Connie Rose said...

I sincerely hope I do not have to say, "I told you so." Good luck on Friday. xoxo

Naperville Now said...

I am very sorry that you are feeling so unwell. Here's to getting things on track again (and finding that hot water bottle). Prayers for healing and feeling better.