Saturday, April 27, 2013

What isn't there...

I was sleeping real well, but then I thought I heard someone say, right beside my left ear, "Hallo Irene," and that woke me up and slightly unnerved me. I thought someone was lying in the bed with me. I had thought earlier in my sleep that I heard the doorbell ring but had ignored that and it did not ring again. I must be having auditory hallucinations, which I think is a whole new ballgame for me. I hope it does not happen again because I do not like things that have no logic or rhyme or reason. I do like things to be explainable and have a completely natural cause.
I do not believe in spooks and ghosts, but anyone can scare me with them if they try hard enough because deep inside me there is enough of a basic fear left over from my childhood when my oldest sister used to scare the s**t out of me. I purposely never let my imagination run rampant and reject anything that has to do with the ethereal. I know that there are things in real life that are much scarier and I have decided not to worry about them, having already experienced the worst. I could not live on my own if I were to worry about those kinds of things.
It is true that I do feel safer because I have a dog, but just as often as not he barks totally unnecessarily. Maybe that does act as a deterrent and prevent the bad guys from breaking in. I am sure that if there were any spooks or ghosts, he would be totally useless. I think it must be cats that are more sensitive to them, but at the same time I think that is an old wife's tale. It is amazing the stuff you carry with you from the past that is totally useless information.
My great-grandparents believed in that sort of thing and held séances and tried to make tables levitate. I hardly know what sort of an odd family I come from on my father's side. I think that particular part of the greatly researched family wasn't an especially good branch of the family tree. It is at least not the one that brought forth respectable church ministers. As far as I know, my branch was atheist, although we do have French Huguenots in the family going back to the 1700's.  
I am really and truly starting to yawn now but have no desire to go back to bed yet. I am feeling perfectly fine sitting here and want to keep doing it a while longer, at least until it is time to take my morning dose of medicines. Because it is Saturday, I will no doubt have a fun filled morning with cultural programs on the television. That is a very good way to stay connected to the here and now and at the same time feed my curious, creative mind.
I think I can make the groceries last until tomorrow afternoon, but if not, I will have to go shopping today. That is not such a punishment, of course, because everything I will get will taste good.  

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