Friday, April 05, 2013

That's me in the spotlight...

I must admit that I am not wide awake at all and that it took me at least two cups of coffee to make it to a point that I was not falling asleep straight up in my chair behind the computer. It was only my stubbornness that kept me sitting here and prevented me from going back to bed. And yes, the steady intake of caffeine, because I knew sooner or later it would wake me up enough to come to my senses somewhat.
It was because my bed was clammy that I did not want to go back into it. It needs a good airing out before I do, and to think I just put clean sheets on it. Apparently the hormones are still raging and I have not yet bought the herbal medicine that is supposed to help them from Dr. Vogel. I will do that on my next trip to the drugstore, if I ever do go into that general direction.
I told my GP when I saw him, that I had found the solution, and that all I had to do was only eat mild, organic yogurt and vanilla pudding. Well, he did think that was nice for me. but not that a person could subsist on that and he wants me to have an endoscopy made of my stomach. To tell you the truth, I was not thrilled about this, but my GP said that it could be done after they make me drowsy and that this would make it much easier.
The endoscopy is planned for the 19th, because that is the soonest I can make it, and I suppose it is like my GP says, we do want to make sure that there is not some underlying problem. Now all I can do is hope that there is not, or that it is something very innocent. At least some positive action is being taken and that does make me feel like I am in more competent hands. I will get excited about this when the time comes.
Now, with my third cup of coffee, I am coherent, and I can think straight, but I also think it is the act of writing down my thoughts that has helped me be so. You do have to have your head in order to be able to do so.
Tyke is looking at me very expectantly because I just gave him a dental stick and now he wants another one because he liked it so much. I told him, "All gone" and showed him my empty hands. He is a very hopeful dog and thinks I will change my mind. Gandhi is lying in the chair behind me, because she is equally stubborn as I am and refuses to give it up to me. I have to sit on the edge and try not to crush her. She actually wanted to sit on my lap and this is the next best thing to it.
I have a stomachache and I am trying to ignore it, but I think I will have to take a paracetamol. There is no need to live with discomfort after all. I think I have gotten so used to that, that very often I do. Discomfort may be my middle name, come to think of it.


Connie Rose said...

I know you want to shoot me when I bring this up...but please, and maybe just to satisfy MY curiosity, ask your GP if he thinks drinking coffee might be contributing to your stomach problems. Eliminating caffeine is the only think you haven't yet tried in an effort to resolve your stomach issues. Think about it. xo

CorvusCorax12 said...

Good luck with the endoscopy, and I hope you eel better soon