Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For the goodness of it.

It is with some amount of muted happiness that I sit here in the middle of the night with my glass of cold lemonade after I have had my cup and a half of coffee. I say it is muted happiness because it is not the moment to be outright joyful. That emotion is better saved for other occasions that are more appropriate for it. I do feel pretty good, though, and am already looking forward to the moment when I will go back to sleep, which is not always the case. As a rule, I have a bit of reluctance to and have to talk myself into it.
Tyke very thoughtlessly woke me up by barking at meaningless noises he heard outside, but no doubt he thought he was fulfilling his job as guard dog and felt very good about himself. It always does mean that he decides that he wants to go hang out on the patio for a while and then have something to eat. When we have that complicated ritual behind us, I can sit and relax and concentrate on what I want to do behind the computer before I am ready to go back to bed. In the meantime, Tyke makes himself comfortable and goes sound to sleep in my armchair.
One thing I am looking forward to, is getting dressed in the morning, because yesterday that dress I ordered on line was delivered and it turned out to be even nicer than I had anticipated. I usually do have good luck and things I order on line turn out to look good and fit well and that is because I have an easy standard size and know which colors I like, red being an especially favorite one. Maybe that is why I refuse to give up my red bathrobe, even though it is much too big on me and getting a bit worn.
I have a craving for toast with cheese and I think I will have some before I go back to bed. Next to the coffeemaker, the toaster is perhaps the handiest gadget that I have in the kitchen. Toasted bread is easier for me to eat than fresh bread and it passes my gastric band almost without a problem. The thing is not to let your eyes be bigger than your stomach and attempt to eat too much of it. The pasta with tomato sauce and cheese is trickier because I have a tendency not to chew it well enough and then I can only eat a small portion of it. That big pan full will last a while.


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