Monday, April 15, 2013

Almost too sleepy to care.

If I wrap my mind around some simple ideas, I am sure it will be functioning well in no time at all. I have already had three cups of coffee, but I feel as sleepy as when I got up. It is because Tyke was barking at, to me, imaginary noises that I woke up prematurely or I would have still been asleep. I do so dislike it when he does that and upsets my schedule, but he is only a dog and does not know better. He commits his misdeeds out of ignorance and I have to forgive him instantly. My love and like for him are unconditional.
In the morning I have a very early appointment with my GP, too early if you ask me. I have to bring him the letter and the photos that the doctor who did the gastroscopy gave me. I am sure that it will be a very uncomplicated appointment and I will tell him about my plans with the gastric band, I am sure that it is going to solve a lot of my problems. Taking the stomach tablets twice a day instead of just once helps too and I want to continue doing that.
I should be back on time from that appointment to see my personal helper who will be here an hour later. We can walk Tyke together and that will take up some of our time. Tyke is usually not ready first thing in the morning to go out. He likes to sleep late.
My domestic help is not going to be here today and that gives me the perfect opportunity to go grocery shopping. I do have to think carefully about the foods I want to buy. I want to add a little variety, but do not want to get things that turn out to be impossible for me to eat and that I will end up giving away to the Exfactor. I do not have to feed him, after all.
I got my spring jacket out of the closet yesterday because it was a nice enough day to wear it and I think it will be the rest of the week too. It was a pleasure to put it on after all that time. I can not even remember when I wore it last. It may have been in the fall when the weather was halfway decent.
I think my drop foot has improved. I have not been wearing the brace and my flat heeled cowboy boots a lot. I think my ankle is a lot stronger and I do not twist it as often as I used to. If I do not wear any sort of heel, I seem to do alright. That ankle-brace contraption was not a thing of beauty anyway and made me look like a handicapped person, which is fine if you really are, but I am not.
I am not washing my hair with the Silver Shampoo every time. I decided to use it just every once in a while. In between I use an every day shampoo that is kind for my hair. I do not want to damage my hair by exposing it to chemicals too much. It is already dry and thin and I want to take good care of it. It is light enough after I wash it because of the gray in it and it sparkles a lot. I try not to use any hairspray on it, but sometimes I have no choice. It is best to wash it as quickly as possible after that.
I will think about going back to bed even though I am not sleepy anymore. That is what happens when you use your brain.  


Rob-bear said...

You have my condolences, and my commiseration. I

got up this morning just after 7:00. By mid-morning, I was ready to go back to bed and sleep. Instead, I went to our church for morning worship. After worship I came home, had lunch, and slept for three hours (which is unusually long for me). I got up but was still tired.

Which says to me that there may be a reason why my body often won't wake up until noon.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting

Naperville Now said...

Here is to good health and spring's promise of warmth and new life (and spring jackets).