Monday, April 22, 2013

Enjoying the moment.

Oh, I have the apartment back to myself and I am happy. I say that no matter how kind and good my domestic help is. When she pulls the front door closed behind her, I do feel a sense of relief that I am alone again. Well, alone with Tyke and Gandhi, but we three do form a unit.
And now it also just happens that the sun is shining into the living room, making it toasty warm in here and bright. I had the windows open earlier, but it was just a bit too chilly for that. The apartment does have to be aired regularly, though, and I have to take the opportunity when there is not too much wind.  
I donated 7 vials of blood this morning at the diagnostic center at the hospital and I thought that was an awful lot. I was a good sport about it and did not complain when the needle went into my vein. My psychiatrist will get the results in 3 to 5 days and he will let me know them also. At the end of the week, I should be somewhat wiser.
He approved of me decreasing my antipsychotics by 1 mg as long as I keep him informed about how I am doing. I think that will be no problem. This is only the second day on this dose and I do not notice any difference and probably will not for a few days yet. Maybe I feel a bit more lively, but that may be all in my imagination.
Even though I am very broke, I ordered a new summer dress on line that was on sale. I have to start thinking about what clothes to wear this summer, although if summer is ever going to happen is a big question. Spring is barely here and it is pretending to be very shy and demure. Most of the summer dresses that I have are too big on me and I can not only wear leggings. The two skirts I bought last summer are too big on me too. This dress was a necessary purchase.
I think I will have pasta for dinner tonight with an organically made tomato sauce and grated cheese on top. That is something I can really look forward to and I hope it agrees with my stomach. I will make enough to last for a couple of meals and it does not matter when I eat them. No doubt Tyke will sit drooling, but I am not going to share any of it with him. It will be mine, all mine!
I have to take him for a walk now before I start on my dinner. He has been waiting patiently and I can not make him wait any longer. And darn it, I will not be back on time for the 6 o'clock news.

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Gail said...

Enjoy your walk and your wonderful dinner.