Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Feeling a little gritty and tough.

I changed my mind about going downtown on my bike after walking Tyke late this morning. It was much colder than I had anticipated because there was a cold wind blowing that was most unpleasant. I did not want to ride my bike through it just to have a cup of coffee at an outdoor café and freeze my buns off. I called my friend Lucienne and postponed our appointment for another time when the weather will be better. She did try to talk me into taking the bus to a big shopping mall, but I have no interest in that whatsoever. I do not just want to shop and I do not have the money for it. I have no desire to go to a shopping mall when what I want is to walk around downtown.

For some reason, Tyke must have felt that I was planning on going out and was restless all morning. I tried to calm him down, but I was pretty much unsuccessful at that. I petted him and talked to him, but he kept being disturbed by everything and the least little noise set him on edge. As soon as I called off the appointment, he became quiet and serene and fell asleep beside me and has been lying there peacefully ever since. Every once in a while he snores for a bit. It is nice to think that he is so attached to me that he anticipated my absence, but it sure does look like it. Tyke is very much in tune with me and picks up the slightest nuances in my moods.

Gandhi is a different story altogether, although I am not going to claim that she does not feel what mood I am in. She is just more indifferent to them and it does not bother her if I am not as nicely balanced as I should be. She will walk away and come back 5 minutes later to be petted and act like there is nothing the matter. Of course, she can come and go as she will and she is not as dependent on me as Tyke is, who very much is attached to me and we do do everything together. He may be stuck to the leash, but I am on the other end of it. We have, you could say, a symbiotic relationship. I do not know if that is necessarily a good thing, but so be it.

When I am walking Tyke, I really do not mind the cold wind all that much. I see it as a bit of a challenge that I have to deal with and every opportunity to get out of it is a big gain. It is so nice to get behind a row of houses and be protected from the sharpness of the wind for just a little while. It does make you feel good to have it blow into your face and you hair and makes you feel clean and new. It is also a big relief, once you are properly cold and wind blown, to get home again and peel your outer layer off. You feel that you have achieved something worthwhile.
I will now eat lunch and that will consist of vanilla pudding. You should not pay any attention to what foods I claim agree with me because I do not know of what I speak. It is all a mystery. I think I do best with liquid foods.

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Maggie May said...

Oh........ I see you've changed everything again!!!!!!

It is very cold isn't it? Not too good on a bike. Hope Spring is on its way.

Dogs do seem to be in tune with their owners more than any other animal.
Maggie x

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