Sunday, April 28, 2013

Looking for the fun parts.

When I went grocery shopping yesterday, I managed to stay under the budget, this despite the fact that I bought some items that I seldom do. It is always a trick and a half to do this, but if I stick to the shopping list, I usually make out okay. There was only one item I got that was not on the list and that was a box of moist tissues to clean my glasses with. It was a chance discovery while I was looking for something else, and now I can finally get my glasses properly cleaned after having tried everything else. Let's just say that I can see clearly now.
I also got two big pieces of apple pie because the Exfactor will be over today for a cup of coffee to help me celebrate the fact that I am a perfectly healthy human being. We really should be drinking champagne, but since any bubbly alcoholic beverage goes straight to my head, that may not be such a good idea. I do actually have a very good bottle of bubbly wine gathering dust in the kitchen and if I leave it unopened long enough, it may become a collector's item.
I am for the first time in my life going to try a liquid laundry detergent and I am doing it because it will allow me to wash at a lower temperature. That is because my monthly estimated energy bill has gone up quite a bit and I do want to be as frugal as I can. Now, I hope that this new detergent will do the job and smell nice too, because I was happy with the powdered one. When doing laundry is one of your more fun chores, you do care about it turning out well.
The lemonade I am drinking is cold and thirst quenching. I am really drinking it because I was a little bit hungry, but if I eat anything now and go back to bed, my stomach will get upset and I will not be able to sleep well as a result. I do speak from experience and it is not very pleasant.
Tyke has already gone to sleep on the bed and I suppose I will follow him. I hope he left some room for me so I can get under the covers comfortably. I usually have to push him out of the way a bit so I can also get in there. He only complains a little bit.


Wisewebwoman said...

I am trying to be frugal too and eat a lot healthier but healthy stuff has a huge price. I spent so much today on fruit and veg.

Maggie May said...

I use liquid detergent in my washing machine & mostly use a 40F wash but every now & then, wash something at 60F to clear the pipes etc.
It is depressing the way heating has all gone up way past our budget.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Gail said...

Every one is tightening their belts to try and fit comfortably in the new economy.

May we all succeed.

Friko said...

I hope the treat works and you both enjoy the apple tart.