Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When the sun refuses to come out.

It is a chilly gray day and you would not think it is late April. Nevertheless, I have the windows open and I am drinking lemonade with ice cubes in it to quench my thirst. This does make me feel a bit cold and I am almost shivering, but I have decided that it is worth it and to tough it out. In a little while I will make a fresh pot of coffee and get warmer again. I look forward to that already, proving my point that it is the little things that you can get the most happy about.
The Exfactor was here this morning and our conversation covered a large number of topics and together we set the world right. At times we are very good at this and have the best ideas on how to go about it. It would be nice if they let us be in charge of the country for a while, but for some reason we have not been asked yet. The Exfactor is a bit of a rebel and likes to bend the rules. I, on the other hand, am a model citizen with many principles. He needs me to keep him on the straight and narrow.
Tyke has almost outgrown his collar, because he gained weight, and I have ordered a new one for him in the color red because it will look good with his black fur. I think and imagine that he enjoys getting a new collar because he is always very eager for me to put them on. According to me, he likes to look good. The fact is, that I like for him to look good and I like to show him off. I am sure that it has nothing to do with vanity at all.
I am sure that this is along the same line as my mother making new clothes for my sisters and me when we were kids and sending us outside to show them off to the neighborhood. Of course, we did this gladly because we were proud of them.
I am reheating some of the pasta that I had for dinner last night. I made a big pan full of it and reheated is always the best. My mouth is now already watering at the thought of eating it. I still have grated cheese to put over it too. Then I have to go out in the chilly wind to walk Tyke, but I know my fate is not as bad as some people's who live in the northern Americas where it is really cold and snows. Thank goodness we are spared that here.


Gail said...

Spring is here. It may chill a little but I do believe our very cold is over.

In the north many people are still covered with snow. That's one reason I love the south.

Friko said...

Spring has arrived for two days, cold again next week. Drat!
Yu and your exes seem to get on very well. If my ex were still alive I’d be hiding from him. Or killing him.

Never mind about stats. As you say, a blog is for yourself, no point n pleasing others if it doesn’t please you. Enjoy the day and smell the coffee.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I adore those "save the world" conversations. Wouldn't it be lovely if the planet played nice by your rules?