Friday, April 26, 2013

When you don't have a clue.

Tyke is sitting here beside me looking at me very expectantly, but I do not have a clue as to what he wants and the whole situation is rather unnerving because now I can not really relax. There are a lot of times when I wish he possessed at least the rudiments of speech so we could communicate a little easier. Many times now I have to guess if it is something very specific that he wants and out of the ordinary.
I suppose the easy part about it  is, that usually, in the middle of the night, his needs consist of either having something to eat or having to go out for the umpteenth time. I just wish his clues were a little bit clearer and that his body language was not so vague and that he was satisfied with whatever need I think I fulfilled. His accusing look and disappointed attitude do set me on edge. Maybe he does not know himself what he wants.
Tyke and I do have quite a nightlife that we do not spend quietly asleep. We are awake for part of it, so some of our activities take place at night. It is like we really do have a long cycle of 24 hours with the occasional session of sleep at whatever time. It is no wonder that he is all topsy turvy when it comes to eating and sleeping because I am too.
I am looking forward to the day, even though it is going to be a chilly and rainy one. That means it is going to be all that more cozy inside. It also means that I am going to have to close all the windows that are still open now. The cold front has not yet moved in. I am supposed to go to the pharmacy, so I suppose I will have to wait for an opportune moment to do that. I am not looking forward to getting rained on, but if I plan it right, I just may escape it.
I have hardly had to look in my agenda this week because hardly anything was going on, and this while last week was such a busy one. In spite of this, I have not been bored and always found a way to amuse myself. Next week is going to be a little busier and we will have the crowning of our new king, which will be celebrated throughout the country. We have had three queens in a row, so having a king is a novelty in itself. I am sure I will be glued to the television.

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