Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beware of the leftovers!

Like I said I would, I had the left over Bami Goreng for dinner last night with two fried eggs sunny side up on top, because that is the way you are supposed to eat it. But apparently, the two very good cheese sandwiches I had during the day had been more than enough food, and I could not finish what was on my plate and ended up sharing it with Gandhi and Tyke. That was a bit of a disappointment, but I was very full and there was no way I could get more food into my tiny stomach.
I have to plan my meals differently and make sure I get enough variety, although the bread I make the sandwiches with is very good and wholesome. I also have some very good soup and I must not forget to eat it. It will be easier to eat and fill me just as well. The specialty cheese I got on sale is very tasty and I put two large slices of it on my sandwich and thoroughly enjoy my meal. Now I can only hope that it is on sale more often.
I have so completely stopped worrying about which foods I eat and if I have an intolerance for them. Now I just pay attention to how much food I eat at one sitting and how often during the day. So you see, a lot of my worries have dropped away.
Oh yes, I must not forget that I am not supposed to eat anything before I have to donate some vials of blood in the morning. My psychiatrist did say that I could have cups of black coffee, so that's okay then. I will not be completely deprived. I would hate to have to ride my bike all the way over to the hospital without being fortified with caffeine. It is a tough enough ride having to go over the bridge across the railroad tracks. If I put my bike in the smallest gear, I can just about make it, but it is pushing it.
I have to Google some important information so I will keep this short. The nice thing about the internet is that anything at all is at your fingertips, although that can be a mixed blessing.

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Gail said...

Hoping your tests are good.

Happy eating.