Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've been bad!

I forgot to take pictures of the neighb0rhood when I walked the Überhund. Yes, can you believe it? It completely slipped my mind. I was preoccupied with other things I suppose, such as making sure I was dressed warm enough and did I need both my scarf and gloves? Then the Überhund is always in such a rush to go out. He practically drags me out of the building, accross the street and into the nearest bushes. I look like a fool in front of the whole neighborhood as I stagger behind him holding on to the leash trying not to trip over my own feet. That's just for the first little bit to get us started, after that he slows down. He just likes to make a grand exit.

I really didn't do a helluvalot today. In the morning I pretended to be a French housewife and gave it a lick and a promise. I opened the mail and found out that what I thought were bills were either not or had already been paid. Wasn't that nice? But they'll find me yet, you wait and see.

I fooled around behind the computer for a little bit, but kept getting distracted by the Überhund who decided that he needed extra attention and cats kept walking on the keyboard. It was a conspiracy, I tell you. A revolt by the beasties to get my attention, which they must not have been getting enough of. So, I did what any decent human being would have done, I turned off the computer and walked to my closet to decide what sort of clothes I was going to wear for my visit with my friend Lucien.

You would not believe this, but Lucien lives a 15 minute bike ride away from me, yet I had not seen her in a year. We had only talked on the phone about once a week. There was always some reason why we could not get together, although I must emphasize that the reason laid with her more often than it did with me. There were many times when she did not have the mental energy to make and stick to a date to meet.

So this afternoon I got on my trusty bike, all wrapped up against the cold, and went to her apartment. She had not changed one bit in a year's time and looked as matronly as always. She is younger than I am, but she dresses like a middle aged woman, which I think is a shame when you are only in your 40's.

I don't really know why we are friends, we don't have very much in common, except for our mental disorder, that's it really. We don't share any interests and are always short on subjects to talk about. We both like to shop, but we have different taste in clothes. I don't know, somehow I feel that I can't drop her, I would feel bad for her if I did. We can always talk about being hypomanic. That an inexhaustible subject.

When I got home, I spent a long time filling an MP3 stick with all sorts of piano based music. I downloaded complete albums and that took enough time, but then I got the brilliant idea to copy them to my Real Player, but much to my disgust I found out that I had to copy each song separately. Well, being stubborn I got started and once I got started and realized how much work it was, I didn't want to quit and finished it anyway. I also have an iTune Player, but I think there must be a better way to do this. I'll try to figure out something. Stubborn is my middle name, so are longevity and endurance.

One of these minutes, I am going to have to own up to the fact that it is time to go to bed, but I am so wide awake that I can't quite picture myself doing that yet. Maybe it will help if I take my medications and put my pajamas on.

Okay, that's what I am going to do, so you all have yourself a good night or a good morning, whichever comes first.



The Writer said...

Sounds like a great day, Irene! Have a restful sleep!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Bev said...

I am awaiting the pictures of your neighbourhood, so please concentrate :)

I am going to take some pictures of the trick and treating tonight because Jack has some friends coming round and they will look really scary and put them on the blog as a little project for today.

Maggie May said...

Looking forward to some pictures!
Hope you have a good day today, Irene X

Frances said...

Hope today is as good as yesterday.
Glad you got out and visited.
Keep well

John said...

My best.

What is a french housewife?

Mean Mom said...

I keep forgetting to say how much I am enjoying the photos in your header. This one is great!

I've had to get out my scarf and gloves, too. It's freezing, here.

Glad you had a good day.

The words french housewife, lick and promise are lingering in my mind, for some reason. It all sounds vaguely rude! Am I missing something, here?

Wisewebwoman said...

I love my method of lick and promise housekeeping, Irene, glad to hear it has a few more followers!

aims said...

I know what you mean about keeping a friend because of the same mental illness. Sometimes it's a good idea - sometimes it's not.

However - talking about the same problem is good. You find out other things that way that might have worried you or crossed your mind and when you find someone else does it? Hooray!

I agree that it is sad when someone gives us on themselves at a young age. However - you know it is her state of mind at the moment. Perhaps she'll make a turnaround and start enjoying herself like you are doing.