Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have been sitting here reading comments on other people's blogs, but it gets a little tiring after a while and I find that I have to do something a little more active to keep my brain from becoming irritated and frustrated. You see, I read the comments without having the original posts there to remind me what the comments refer to. Usually, I can figure it out, but sometimes I have no clue and it's all abracadabra to me. Mindlessly reading comments to other people's blogs that you have no clue about is not favorable to good mental health, therefor I quit and came here to do something that I have a little bit more control over.

Having said all that, I am instantly struck by writer's block and have no clue what to tell you next.

(Imagine a long pause here)

After asking my sister and my favorite aunt for advice and giving it a long hard thought, I called the Exfactor last night. I said, "If you and I are going to be friends, there are going to have to be some strict rules," and he answered, "Absolutely, I couldn't agree with you more."

So, here's the deal.
  • We don't discuss our personal and intimate lives with each other. We don't need to know what the other one does in his/her spare time.
  • Our friendship is autonomous, it has little to do with our shared past or with the people around us.
  • It is spontaneous, as real friendships are, without a hidden agenda.
  • We can call on each other for help whenever we feel the need, as long as it is within the other person's power to provide that help.
I get the distinct impression that the Exfactor also doesn't want to loose this friendship that we have, that it isn't just me who struggles with it, but I have to stop having such suspicious thoughts. I have to stop imagining things that aren't there and I have to stop making mountains out of molehills.

There, enough said about that. We'll see where it leads us.

(Imagine another long pause here)

One thing I absolutely have to do today is grocery shop. Yesterday I stopped by the little shop around the corner for some milk, but it is almost gone again. That's a handy little shop, but it is expensive to shop there. The first thing you see when you walk in there are chocolate covered biscuits, which is very tempting, of course.

Good news on the financial front. I got more money from the Tax Office, because they apparently thought my subsidies had been calculated too low. Can you imagine that? I put the money in my savings account just in case they say it is a mistake and I have to pay it back. I am still waiting for the letter with the most current decision in it. Does the one hand know what the other is doing? For now I will believe that my financial fortunes have taken a turn for the better. Something may be rotten in Denmark though, well, in this case that would be Iceland.

I think I'll go to the supermarket now and be one of their first customers. It will be nice to shop when it is not so busy yet. I've got my shopping list all ready to go.

Right, have yourself a nice day and pray for no rain! At least not while I'm out on my bike.



Maggie May said...

Heaven forbid! I am first!
I think you are right....... the Exfactor probably is glad of the contact.
Hope you have a good day what ever you decide to do, Irene X

Bev said...

Irene, I think this is right. I think you will get upset if you go to his apartment, and I think this is what happened to you this week.

I think this is the right sort of arrangement for both of you.

Babaloo said...

Hope you didn't have any rain while you were out on your shopping trip? We've had buckets of it here, and storm, non-stop since last night. It's proper *brrrr* weather.

I agree with you that you need rules in your relationship with the Exfactor or it's going to get messy. See, you do have a shared past and one that was important to you both, so I think it's going to be tricky to keep that past out of your present relationship. Personally, I'd find it difficult.

CC said...

It sounds as if you are making very smart decisions regarding the Exfactor and I hope it all comes together so that you will not be tormented as you were last week. If you don't want the rain, please push it East our way!

Elaine said...

I'd find it difficult too, but I wish you all luck in the world in having the kind of relationship/friendship you want with the Exfactor.

Mean Mom said...

I can't pretend that I've ever had an ex who has remained a friend, so I don't really know how I would cope. I can only imagine that it would be difficult, at first, but easier as time went by. It sounds like a good idea to have some rules. I hope that it all turns out OK.

Anonymous said...

Only you can figure this out, Irene. You obviously have a past and a friendship with the Xfactor that isn't going to go away over night.

Take care, CJ xx