Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Feel Free.

Please feel free to scroll down this page and read the posts before this one, because this is just an extra post born out of my desire to fill an empty hour before I have to officially get the day started.

I've been up for a while and at one point contemplated going back to bed, but then got sidetracked adding banners to my blog and making sure I had the right colors and then even changing the header image again, because I can never decide which I find the most awe inspiring, so now it is this one for a while. The looming storm was great and may make its return, but I do love this composition very much. It makes me think of Ireland for some reason, although it could be anywhere.

I always want to play with my blog and wish there were more things I could do with it. I haven't added music, but that is basically because I know you all like your peace and quiet while you read and my taste in music does not involve a lot of peace and quiet, although I do love a soft sexy saxophone or a languidly played piano.

I also don't want to clutter up the thing too much, it has to stay esthetically pleasing. Like my friend Laura always says, less is more, and she took many art classes, so I'll take her word for it.

I've not had the heater on overnight, but it isn't too cold in here. I think closing the little windows did the job. I like to keep them open for as long as possible to keep the place aired. Now all that is open is the window in the work room and I can't close that because of the dampness, but the door to that room is closed, still it helps.

Last night the Überhund was limping and when I tried to look at his paw, he sort of yelped and then growled at me for trying to examine it. This morning he is fine, but I know he has been licking it and gnawing at it all night, so maybe there was something in it, like a splinter or something. I hope he stays okay, because he has seen the vet enough times lately and it is costing the Exfactor a lot of money. Poor dog and he can't talk and tell me what's wrong.

I am looking forward to today, as this will be my long day away from home and I won't be back until 3 PM. The Überhund has to last until that time before I can walk him. I think he will be alright, he has a strong bladder and it is no disaster if he has an accident in the home as I have no carpeting. I think that sounds like the title of a book, "Accidents in the Home." Written by Anne Tyler or somebody like that.

For some strange reason, in all the darkness and ugly weather, there is a bird chirping very loudly. I wonder what he is up to? It isn't mating season, but maybe he has been spotted by a cat and it is a warning signal. Or maybe he is just letting the other birds know that it's time to wake up and get the first worm, because there must be many of them now with all the rain. My sister has a terrible phobia for worms, which is hard when you like gardening.

I have a phobia for small enclosed spaces and I also don't like to go into mazes for fear of not being able to find my way out. Slight panic hits me when I can't find the exit. I can go into an elevator, but I don't really like to be in a room with the door closed and all the rooms in the apartment have the doors open, except for the work room, which I don't go into. The bathroom door is also always open. It's a Californian habit that suits me well. I never close it and am always accompanied by an animal or two. I keep it open when I shower especially, because I would hate to be disconnected from the rest of the apartment then.

Strange habits people have, huh? I always bring three sandwich baggies when I let out the Überhund and I have three regular poop baggies tied to the handle of the leash. I always have to have that amount. if I don't, I feel that I am unprepared. Overcautious is my name.

I went through a period in my life when I counted everything. Whenever I was someplace and I was not distracted, I counted things in singles , in pairs, in sets of fives and tens, etc. I always hoped that I would find even numbers or even sets.

I also went through a time when I double checked everything and triple checked it and quadruple checked it and so on. That was obsessive compulsive behavior, but for some reason I outgrew it. Something in my psychological make up changed or in my environment and I didn't have to do it anymore. I used to close my daughter's bedroom window more than twenty times at night before I was sure it was closed properly. Even then I doubted myself.

It's really sad when you hear the rain splattering on the pavement outside and you know you have to go out in it. I think I have to do a reverse rain dance. That is the one regrettable thing about not having a car. You are exposed to the lesser elements such as rain and wind and you hope for many large trees along the road to shelter you somewhat, because that really does help.

Well, that's it for now. I have to get dressed and made up and coiffed. I hope the awful weather doesn't undo all my careful work and leave my mascara on my cheekbones. That always gives you that ghoulish look.

Have a good day, everyone.



Frances said...

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the day, rain or no rain. We have one of those days when it can't make up its mind, one moment strong bright sunshine and blue sky, next moment, grey clouds and downpour. That's the only trouble with living on the coast, the weather changes so quick.
Good idea to adjust meds - hope the dance is great in your new leggings.
Sorry about the pictures. We lose so much with these new-fangled technologies. I have no prints of my photos, so I wonder what will happen when I can't get into my files. I keep most stuff on an external hard drive nowadays, they are so cheap. I remember spending loads of money on a tiny flash drive years ago for work, now huge ones cost less than that little thing did.
Keep well and enjoy the day.

The Writer said...

Have fun, Irene!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Stinking Billy said...

irene, I'm back, sweetheart, got the url of this page from your thumbnail picture on my site, and replaced the duff one I had been using in my links.

It was an experience for a while, there, being put straight through to this Comments section without seeing your post or the date on it, but it's behind me now. Don't you sometimes wish you were as technically able as I? ;-)

aims said...

Love the header Irene! It's gorgeous! The colours - the boat. Sigh.

Put on your hair helmet and go with the flow. You know that rain makes our skin soft.

Bev said...

It does look like Ireland, your header, maybe because the grass is so green on it, and they do call it The Emerald Isle.

I just wish to correct some grammatical error on Frances' comment. I think when she says 'the weather changes so quick (sic)' I think she really means 'the weather changes so quickly' LOL

Baby Island said...

Irene!! Hello from the new Baby Island!! The move is complete and we are settlinng into the new house (so much space and rooms it's daunting) but all the so much better for visitors and family!!

Now I am getting things straightened out its about time to catch up on my favorite blogs, and start mine again! I've missed you and hope you are well!

Muah from the minions!!

Maureen said...

Ah, yes. I am constantly tinkering with my blog too. I love your new look. I am so sorry I have been absent so much recently. Now I am finally catching up! As I am getting older, I find I am developing more phobias than ever before... like elevators; not my favorite places at all.

I used to love having the bathroom doors all open (I hated slamming into a closed door in the middle of the night)but hubby is terrible for remembering to keep them open; in his home, they always shut them tight. I like getting a free flow of air all around the house... but alas I have given up and they are closed now.