Sunday, October 19, 2008


I don't have anything important to tell you, except that through the Black Box I found some more interesting blogs and added those to my list. It's becoming an awfully long list, but with the google reader and a little bit of diligence, I am managing to stay on top of it. I do forgive myself if I don't manage to read everything but my most favorite ones and I won't tell you which those are. That would be offending the other ones now, wouldn't it? Let's just say that my curiosity knows no bounds and that I have a broad base of interests. So things aren't always as obvious as they may seem.

I have taken my medicines and so has the Überhund and we have been for our walk where the Überhund saw a pile of trash that someone had dumped by the side of the road and I had a heck of a time pulling him away from it in another direction, because he was bound and determined to have his breakfast out this morning. I am always amazed at people who dump their trash on the road or in the bushes and I can't wait for the fines to be heftier for this like they are in California. Some Dutch people are real slobs and don't give a damn about their environment. We do have our anti social types here in abundance.


Now it's afternoon and I have cleaned the apartment with a lick and a promise. Well, no. I actually did a little better than that. I had a heck of a time vacuuming the front of the sofa where the Überhund walks by and rubs against it. I vacuumed my little heart out, that's why I want a leather sofa, but then again, everybody warns me about cat claws and leather and the damage they will do. So, I have a dilemma. Either way, I am going to try and put some money in my savings account on a regular basis and see if I can get the money together for a new sofa. As I said, I saw another one I really liked and maybe I will get that one instead and just accept the fact that I will always have to vacuum furniture.

Sometimes, in the middle of the day, I look at what I am wearing and put on my thinking cap and try to imagine what I would like to wear instead. Then I go to my closet and look at all the possible combinations and put an outfit together with a matching necklace and when I am satisfied, I put it on. Then I am a well dressed girl with no place to go, but at least I look good and I know what I'll be wearing the next day, unless I change my mind. I'm like a rotten teenager, but I do pick up my discarded clothes and neatly put them back into the closet.

I washed my hair with olive soap, because of my eczema, and my hair is ever so soft and squeaky clean. I try not to wash it too often, as I have heard that that's not good either, but I use hairspray, so after a while I do need to wash it all out, although a lot of it gets brushed out. Olive soap is also good for washing your face with, it gets your make up off really well and gives you soft skin. I am trying to outsmart any possible wrinkles and sags, but the more I look, the less I like what I see. Therefor I use a lightly tinted day creme that is supposed to moisturize my face as well as give it a little color.

I think I need to use another moisturizer underneath it, because I think I am drying out like a prune and in the morning I have eyes with bags underneath them. I need to also get out the camouflage paint. And what's that new stuff? The powder that acts like a liquid? That sounds like good stuff. I never thought I was going to need so much help to keep me young looking, but lately I have joined the Jane Fonda battle, because I'm worth it, although I don't want to look as if it is requiring me any effort.

I've got the hairdo down pat. I wash it with olive soap and then rub it dry and put styling mousse in it. I comb it in the general shape I want it in and let it dry. Then I fire up the old curling iron and make some loose little curls on top. Then I fluff the whole thing around a bit with my fingers to get that fresh blown look and apply hairspray liberally. That's the cement that holds the whole thing together. Without it, I am lost. Over the next couple of days, my hair gets better looking as it remembers what to do and stays in place better. Newly washed hair is a pain in the butt, it is hard to get it to do what you want.

You would think I was a very shallow person the way I talk about hair and clothes, well, maybe I am. Maybe I concentrate on these things to keep the big issues out. Everybody has a hobby that they like to talk about, right? These things are my hobbies. After not caring for so long, I suddenly care so much and I am having a blast.

I am jealous of one thing. The Exfactor is constantly having people over for dinner and I think, well, what is wrong with me, why don't you invite me? And I know that it's because of the Paramount. That she can't stand to be in the same room with me. I must be an awfully threatening person to her if it is that bad. I like the people he invites over, I know them too. Hmph!

I will have to give my own dinner party and invite those people myself. The problem is that I would invite the Exfactor too and I would even invite the Paramount, but she would not show up here. Dilemmas, dilemmas. I would serve salmon, by the way.

Now I could go for a nice glass of cold white wine, but I have none in the house and my sister isn't home to beg one off. It will just have to be a cup of coffee then. And maybe a Cup a Soup.

Right, that's it for me for today then. Have yourself a good one. A peaceful Sunday.



VioletSky said...

I am noticing a distinct increase in the dryness of my skin and hair these pase couple of days. Definitely winter is coming, need to moisturize all day.

Babaloo said...

I'm the opposite, I like my hair best when it's freshly washed. Pity, it never stays that way for long. :(

Be careful with soap, it tends to dry the skin out, especially the face. At least that's my experience. Depends on the skin, probably.

Wisewebwoman said...

I don't wash my hair too often, Irene, it is very bad for it, the marketers have been trying to sell us on daily shampooing for so long.
Your new 'do looks really good.

laurie said...

i have to have my hair soaking wet in order to comb it. i am jealous of people who can just run a comb through their hair and go.

you should have a dinner party and invite whoever you like.

CC said...

I agree with laurie, have a smaller dinner party and invite just the guests you would like to have. I love the black box, do you know what the link is to it. I would love it place it on my blog as well. Here's hoping you found a glass of cold white wine, I am about to pour my first glass.

Maggie May said...

I always thought Dutch people were very clean. The ones that I have met are anyway, but I guess there are good & bad in all countries.

Olive oil is good for the inside & the out! Good for you health.

Maybe that is the answer. Give a little party for the people you like.

G/night X

Irene said...

CC, go to the Black Box in my side bar and click on the line 'about black boxes,' that should take you back to the original place where you can download one. If not, it will refer you to the place where you can.

Maureen said...

Ah, yes. Daughter washes her hair everyday, and I only every three days. I cringe when I get my water bill...

And yes, Irene. Have a dinner party and invite anyone you please. Have fun! I only wish I could be invited too ;)

Yeah! I am caught up on your posts, after missing weeks of reading. You may notice in your stats, I have literally been here all day, reading a post or two, doing a load of laundry, reading some more of your writing, eating, then sitting back down here again.

But now I must go. Sheba has climbed up on my lap and is pushing my hands away from the keyboard. I think she believes I have ignored her long enough today.

Irene said...

Maureen, I totally love you for taking your time to get caught up on all my posts. You are a truly dedicated friend. Give Sheba a hug for being so patient. and here's one for you too. (((Maureen)))

Nora Bee said...

In my public health studies, abandoned trash was one of the big problems we learned about. It should most definitely be illegal, and fines enforced. (If you ask me)

Suessigkeit said...

I love the photo banner at the top! Reminds me of Brion and me when we were little. Such a happy photo. :-)

Have a dinner party. Invite your favorite people, those who love you and bring good energy into your home. I'd avoid ex & para and focus on others. If what you really want is ex at dinner, maybe you should think about that a bit...? Is a dinner party just a reason to have him over and revisit the good 'ol days? I only ask because I'm guitly of the same myself!

I love you lots, your kiddo