Thursday, October 02, 2008

On the day...

On the day you can sleep late, you never do. I woke up just before the alarm clock went off and why do I have it set in the first place you ask? Well, this is a tricky alarm clock that has a mind of its own and fools me into thinking I have shut off the alarm when, in fact, I have not, and then it goes off again one hour later, so some serious alarm clock studying must be done. It has multiple times that it can ring and I think it and I are totally confused.

I found out what the Überhund's problem was with his front paw. I found a split toenail on the bedroom floor that was split all the way down the length off the nail to the root, so that is what he had been gnawing at during the night. He is fine now and then I realized that that strange hairless skin colored growth on his toe is also gone and when it disappeared, I have no idea, it just isn't there anymore. It was quite large and very noticeable and I wonder why I didn't notice it not being there anymore before? I just checked again and there is absolutely no sign of it even having been there. Strange.

Anyway, I had ergo therapy yesterday and quite some attention was paid to my hypomanic episodes and how to deal with them better and how to prevent me from spending too much money. First, I had to explain to the rest of the people what it is like to be hypomanic and that it isn't just about going out and doing a lot of shopping. How you are hypomanic in every area of your life and how it affects all aspects of it. That you see the whole world through rose colored glasses and that even the sad things don't seem properly sad.

It was then decided, that I need someone who will check in with me once a week to see what my state of mind is and how my spending pattern is behaving itself. On Mondays and Wednesdays I have my therapies and on Tuesday I usually see my SPN, but at the end of the week, I am sort of on my own and have a tendency to get out of hand then.

It was asked if my sister could be this person and I said, no, she could not now, at this point in her life. It was suggested the Exfactor do it, and although I had some trepidations about it, I could not think of anyone else who could play this role in my life.

So, I called him and asked him to come over yesterday afternoon and I explained the situation to him and he said that he would be more than happy to come by every Friday to check on me and to talk with me about how things are going and if I still have myself and my finances under control. He also had some practical suggestions, which means that he does have some understanding of the complexity of the situation.

I'm assuming that this is a good solution, time will tell. It is better than no solution at all.

Oh, yes. I started dance therapy yesterday afternoon. One hour of dancing to beautiful ethnic music. If you think that is easy, think again, because we had to learn to make some pretty difficult movements and it is going to take quite a bit of practice to learn them well.

When the therapist asked me what sort of music I liked, I said, Björk and Massive Attack and dEUS, and she said, oh, you're a rocker and I said, well, I guess I am then. I think we were both surprised at that. Imagine me being a rocker at my age.

I can only eat one slice of bread or one slice of raisin bread, if I try to eat more, I upchuck it. I can eat a good sized portion of rice, so that is very filling. I do enjoy eating rice and so does the Überhund. I can eat a good sized portion of yogurt or soup, depending on how thick it is and how chunky. Chunkiness is the key term, chunks don't go down well. Not even little chunks.

Well, it's time to get the day started. For a change, it is not raining and I must walk the Überhund before it does again. Today is house cleaning day, yippee!



Lane said...

I'm glad the Exfactor is doing that.

Dance therapy sounds great. What with that and all your cycling and walking, you'll be as fit as a fiddle.

Love the new photos:-)

Frances said...

Yay - what a good solution. The Exfactor has the advantage over everyone else of recognising your states of mind - I remember that you were able to use his prompts to check you in the past. As you've found, if you can keep from going too high, you have less tendency to get too low afterwards. Maybe less to compensate for? Or less to worry about. After all, in real terms it doesn't matter about the high moods, those are pleasant to a certain level, it is more what you do in those moments and whether that is destructive to you or could put you in difficult situations - such as financial difficulties.
Glad things went well and the dance sounded good.
Keep well dear one.

aims said...

Now this is better. Recognition. And - someone to help with that as well. The Ex-factor will know from years of experience if you are up or down and that is a great solution!

Dancing to exotic music...hmmmm- don't know if I could do it. Especially with people around.

Bev said...

LOL You're a rocker! You do have a very eclectic taste in music.

Eleanor used to do dancing years ago, and has just started again. I remember going to the Christmas Disco with her and thoroughly enjoying dancing to the Rock and Roll. It was a great disco, as you can imagine, with loads of dance students.

The last time I danced was at Eleanor' football club disco and enjoyed that too.

John said...

An amazing Van Gogh exhibit at MOMA - thought of you....

The Writer said...

I'm so glad the dance class went well! I was wondering about that today. Hope this works with the Exfactor. See how it goes.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm off dancing on Sat night, Irene. There's something about it that is sooo liberating. I've been working on forgetfulness of self.
Glad to hear you have someone checking on your state. Even if it is the ex-factor.
An ounce of prevention etc.

Breakfast in California said...

Once a rocker, always a rocker! I remember dancing at your house one New Year's Eve to Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, all 17+ minutes of it! Glad he's going to come check on you each week. L.

Elaine said...

I love the photo in your header. It's beautiful.

Thumbs up to the exfactor. I think it'll work out brilliantly.

I could do with a good dance right now!

Stinking Billy said...

Irene, it's no good, pet. You can't go on trying to convince everybody that you are a disorganised mess of a woman, when you are leading the life of Reilly the whole time, with your classes and therapies,etc. This latest move of yours to bring the exfactor back to heel (a bit like the uberhound) is a master-stroke worthy of the most organised woman on the planet! ;-) x

Irene said...

You've got me all figured out then, Billy. It must be your male hormones that have helped you find me out. I guess the Exfactor doesn't stand much of a chance, huh?

Maureen said...

Glad to hear the Uberhund's paw is better; sometimes they can just take care of things themselves, can't they?

Raisin bread...mmmm my favorite!