Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The flu.

I've got a bit of the flu, but I am planning on being over it by tomorrow. Today, I rested to give it a chance to disappear out of my system, although it may not quite have worked as well as I had hoped.

I woke up this morning at 8:30 and knew right away that something was wrong. I was very cold and very thirsty and drank 3 glasses of juice. Then I got the shivers and no matter what I tried, I could not get warm enough. I sat on the sofa and tried to get warm with the heater turned up high, dressed in flannel pajamas and socks and my bathrobe and a blanket around me, but it didn't help. Hot coffee didn't help either. I had to call my SPN and cancel our appointment, which was a bit of a disappointment.

Everything started to hurt, my head and my throat and my muscles and I called the Exfactor to see if he could come by and take the Überhund for his afternoon walk. My sister wasn't home, or I would have asked her. As it was, the Exfactor needed to do a load of laundry, so it worked out perfectly, because he could do that here and take out the Überhund at the same time.

I was pretty miserable, but tried to make the most of it and straightened the apartment up a little bit, but that proved to be a lot of effort, requiring many rest pauses on the sofa. I tried to be sociable when the Exfactor finally showed up, but it was tough and I fell asleep on the sofa before his laundry was done, so I didn't hear him leave. I slept for a long while and felt a bit better when I woke up, but my poor body is protesting. Still, tonight I took the Überhund for his walk, even though it was a short one and my chest doesn't feel good. It feels like there is bronchitis coming.

Still, I am going to try and go to ergo therapy tomorrow morning, unless I have a repeat of this morning. Actually, I don't know if I can make the bike ride over there. Peddling a bike seems like an awful lot of work now.

So, sorry that I don't have anything exciting to tell you today. It is just one of those days.



Lane said...

Drats. That sounds rough. Take care of yourself Irene. Stay warm and plenty of fluids.

Bev said...

Hope you are soon feeling better.

Try the Day Nurse remedy if you need a little extra help tomorrow if they have it in Holland as I find it always does the trick. Mind you it may not go too well with your other medications, so perhaps not a good idea.....LOL. It is very powerful stuff and controls flu symptoms quite effectively.

Frances said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Wisewebwoman said...

Get well Irene, all good healing thoughts go your way!

The Writer said...

Feel better, Irene!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Samurai Beetle said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Maureen said...

Oh noes! I do hope you take care of yourself and don't push yourself too soon. Take it easy, rest, and get better.

I read today that it is proven that some foods help fight the flu; chicken soup, bananas, yogurt, even 70% chocolate. So take care.

Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Did you ever try ginger tea?
Cut slices of ginger and cook in boiliing water for at least 10 minutes. Longer the better, and stronger.
If you like it sweet, it's great with honey.
Sip it throughout the day and its very soothing and healing.
My sister adds fresh cloves to hers, says it works every time.

Breakfast in California said...

Joanne has a good suggestion, ginger tea is nice when one has the flu. Hope you're feeling better soon. I like today's photo!

Maggie May said...

I'd take it easy for a few days, Irene. call back the Exfactor to take out the dog & feed the cats for a day or two.
Hope you feel better soon.

Stinking Billy said...

We take good care to have our free (pensioners) flu jabs every year, because they certainly work. Flu just ain't funny, sweetheart. x

Mean Mom said...

There is a lot of flu about at the moment and it sounds horrendous. It is always a temptation to try and carry on regardless isn't it, but we all know that, in reality, the best thing to do is go to bed. You have to look after yourself.

Cait O'Connor said...

Sounds like a nasty virus, one has been doing the rounds here. I hope you feel better soon.

aims said...

I am back Irene - although not happy at the moment as you well know.

I'm so sorry to read that you are sick. Tylenol often kicks those shivers so get some down your throat my friend and do drink lots.

I was delighted to read of Joost's visit and how it has turned things around for you concerning the exfactor. I'm happy for you for that.

Take care of yourself. Sleep as much as you can. They say if you sleep lots you obviously need to and that it helps you heal.

Thinking of you my friend.

John said...


among found objects said...

Hope you are better soon.

The Writer said...

How are you feeling there, Irene?

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear