Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday evening.

The day has gone by quickly, but smoothly and I think it started off well from the moment I went and took a long nap, after I came home from my grocery shopping. I seem to be consistently unaware when I am in need of sleep and therefor don't realize that there are odd times in the day that I just need to lie down on the sofa with the yellow blanket and my pillows and go to sleep, because everything is so much simpler when I wake up. Maybe I need more sleep than other people, or maybe I don't sleep enough. Either way, when I am feeling down and low and not able to face the dishes, the best thing to do is to go to sleep for a while.

I bought so many groceries that I was loaded down with them on my bike and I very carefully had to ride it home. I rode it very slowly and took the curves with extreme care and I was very worried about becoming too wobbly and swerving onto the path of a passing car. I bought enough food for 5 days and the shopping bag that was hanging on my handle bars was very full. I had the rest in the bike bags on the back, which made me realize that I have to pump up my tires again. I'll let the Exfactor do that tomorrow. He's good at it. I'm not.

I learned today that I can make the Überhund go totally crazy by sweet talking to him in my nicest little 'isn't he a good puppy voice.' It makes him squirm and trample his feet and wag his stubby tail and make agitated little noises and whine and cry and generally go nuts. It is very mean of me, because he thinks it means that we are going to do something special, when I had no such thing in mind, so I had to give him a snack to get him to quiet down again. I am teaching him such bad manners, but he is an old dog and entitled to a few.

In anticipation of his new dog food that I ordered on line, I bought him a small bag of it today at the supermarket and he loves it and ate everything in his bowl. First he announced to the cats that he was going to, so he would have the opportunity to chase them away.

The cats are still very unhappy with their food and they eat it with clear disgust. I feel very sorry for them, but they have to hang in there just a few more days.

Half way through the day, I changed my clothes, suddenly feeling like a whole new look, away from the Pipi Longstocking image to the more sophisticated mature woman look. My jeans skirt is at my knees and I'm wearing plain grey cotton leggings with a very demure top, that is not in the least a rock and roll cut. It's nice to jump out of your own image into another one every once in a while.

The whole plaster and the steristrips had come off my wounds and I went to see the doctor's assitent this afternoon. She put on new steristrips and not a plaster, because it wouldn't stick, but a proper bandage, which is nice and tight and feels good and will keep things in place better. The wounds look good and they are healing well, but I'd rather not look at them yet. I know if there is no bandage there, I will obsessively keep looking at them and I don't want that. There is also the danger that I will pick at them and you know that I am not supposed to do that, so best keep the bandage on for a while.

Well, that's all I have to report for today. I just had a glass of something that i s a mxtue of yogurt and curds with fruit in it and it is very filling. It's something new I'm trying. Delicious!



Maggie May said...

I think the time of the year is dreary, don't you? I always feel better in the Spring.
Must keep the wounds clean. Don't want to risk infection.
Hope you sleep well tonight, Irene X

Bev said...

I am a biker also. I know what it is like to carry bags of shopping on a bike, and it is quite dangerous because the handle bars weren't meant for carrying bags, but I have still done it. You can get those big baskets though, but sometimes they're not enough for the quantities of shopping.

I also used to take Eleanor to nursery on a bike and she had a little seat on the back. Once I wore out a bike biking to work up a hill and it literally came apart beneath me because of the wear it had sustained.

Pumping up tyres can be tricky. There is that dodgy moment when you have just filled them with air, you take the pump off and all the air violently whooshes out while you fumble to try and replace the little black cap. Usually you have lost it in the meantime and have to start all over again. I think you are wise to let Eduard handle this.

Cait O'Connor said...

Sleep is a wonderful healer in every way. And naps are great!

Babaloo said...

I'm not so keen in naps during the day, mostly because they almost always make me feel so drowsy afterwards that I'm not up to anything really.

I'm surprised that you need the Exfactor to inflate your bicycle tyres. Aren't you meant to be a self sufficient Dutch woman? ;-)