Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's morning again and then what?

You answer you emails and drink your cups of coffee and smoke your cigarettes, that's what you do. And when you've answered all your emails, you get to write a blog post, that's allowable, because you've got the time and the inspiration.

I've slept my now normal 8 hours again and I feel fully rested and ready to tackle the day, though I mustn't say this too loud, because I have been known to go back to bed after I've said such a thing. Although I don't think I will today, because the day beckons me with the chores I want to get done. After I wrote my post last night, you see, I didn't actually do a thing, but eat and watch the news and go to bed early with my very exciting book and a piece of Camembert cheese, which has given me a sore throat and I know it's from the cheese, because I haven't had any in a long time and now I just happen to have a sore throat, which I normally don't have.

Outside it's 1C and raining and the snow is turning into slush. Not a great day to go outside, but I'll have to walk the poor dog in it. I'll have to wait until the worst of it is over. Of course, this means that the laundry that I didn't bring in last night, is now sopping wet and I'll have to run it through the spin cycle of the washing machine. But it will be somewhat fresh smelling having been soaked by the rain, which is very clean, I hope. The laundry on the drying rack in the bathroom wasn't quite dry last night and I didn't think to bring the laundry from outside in, as they predicted no rain. Well, I was fooled, wasn't I? I will have to go out in my hooded coat and get it off the clothesline and bring it dripping wet into the apartment in the laundry basket and stick it into the washing machine. I can already imagine how cold and wet it will be now.

It's just a minor setback in my day and nothing I can't deal with and, except for very cold hands, there will be no after effects. Everything in life should be that simple to resolve. The good part about the day is, that instead of sweeping the floors last night in the dimness of the light bulbs, I get to vacuum it now by daylight, so I will see much better what I do. This will obviously mean that I will see the dirt better and know where to scrub harder when I get ready to clean the floors. It is my intention to do that today, because I have no other plans and no places to go. I do want the place to look good before Christmas, that's a promise I made myself and I need to stick to it.

I will absolutely not be a diva today, but just an ordinary run of the mill middle aged housewife, which is a persona I need to be every once in a while when I need to pull the interior of my apartment back into shape again. This is best done in extremely comfortable clothes and without regard to my exterior. It's unimportant what I look like. What counts are some muscle and brawn and endurance. A pair of knee pads would help too, but I haven't got any of those.

Of course, there's no law that says I need to be middle aged to be a good housewife, because I used to be young and be a very competent one too, but the fact is that I've reached that point in my life that I'm actually called middle aged and that is a moniker I can't easily get away from, no matter how hard I try, unless I have plastic surgery done all over the place and look like Jane Fonda. If I had the money I would have it done, the works, everything, nip and tuck and do whatever it needs. I'm vain enough for it. I don't like the way my body is getting older and the way gravity is working on everything, pulling it all downwards to my knees. Even my eyelids.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for it to get light outside so the day can get started and I'm hoping for the rain to stop. The streets are going to be a mess and doubtlessly there will be traffic jambs as a result of it. It seems we can't deal with winter weather anymore. Every bit of snowfall takes us by surprise, as if we don't live in a cold climate where that happens regularly. A real snowfall would immobilize the country. How do you people in the Mid West and Canada do it?

My dog is barking at me and that is the signal that he wants to go out. I just looked out the window and it is barely drizzling, so I suppose we can go brave the elements now. We will just get a little wet.

I hope you all have a good day and that your weather isn't as foul as it is here, because this is no fun. But we'll stubbornly walk under the threatening skies and defy all the dark clouds.



Twain12 said...

Have a wonderful day

frazzledsugarplummum said...

Hi Nora from sunny Tasmania. It actually isn't as hot as Summer usually is so thats a blessing. I wouldn't mind some rain for the vegies. Lol your day sounds like mine sans the cigarettes. The floor cleaning awaits me too in the morning as I have also promised myself a clean house for Xmas. I got some blocks cut out today which is a bit of a miracle. A few more to go for December then the sewing....Yah...
Have a good day and I'll think of you scrubbing your floors when I do mine.

Babaloo said...

Camembert gives you a sore throat? How does that work? ;-)

Hope your laundry dried eventually, maybe inside? No rain here but very frosty indeed. They're forecasting -8 Celsius for tonight, so I think your 'used weather' is going to be slightly delayed coming here.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Cheese before bedtime - never a good idea. It contains stimulants which affect the brain and it keeps me awake. I love Camembert - but I think it's unpasturised? Maybe that caused the problem?

You think rain is clean? I don't think city/ town rain is clean. It's gathered a lot of polution on the way down after all. I know what you mean about things smelling nice when they've been outdoors though. Like when you smell the fur of a cat that's been out in the cold air for a while - gorgeous!

I haven't considered what I'll do when my eyelids start drooping. So far I just have a few fairly faint wrinkles under my eyes. They do say though that once the skin has been cut, pulled and lifted, from then on it ages much more quickly than if nothing had been done. So I think it's really best never to start down that path. I don't rule out a little botox though when the wrinkles get somewhat deeper!

I can understand Southern England struggling with snow and freezing cold as we don't get very much of it (no snow where I am). But I'm amazed that Northern Europe is having such problems where subzero temperatures happen every year. And those Eurostar trains are a complete joke ...

Bearfriend xx

Friend of the Bear said...

That photo is intriguing BTW. I keep trying to work out why the tyres are there!

Bearfriend xx

Julie said...

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It works well on my sore throat!