Saturday, December 26, 2009

All done with that!

I've managed to do every chore that I had left undone so far, except for changing the bed and that will have to wait until tomorrow. There were actually more things to do than I thought there were initially. I looked up in the bathroom and discovered spider rag. I don't understand why I always have so much spider rag in this apartment. There must be numerous spiders hanging out here, but I don't see that many of them. They must be hiding in all the nooks and crannies. Maybe I just need to look up more often and I'll see them. I have a special spider rag brush on a stick to remove them, but I'd rather do it with the vacuum cleaner. The more you walk around looking for them, the more of them you spot and it becomes like a sport: spider rag spotting. I could probably make a weekly hobby out of it.

I've walked the dog twice now and I have still forgotten to mail those Christmas cards that are laying right on the dining table so I won't forget them. Three times is a charm. I hope the dog needs to go out again soon and that I'll remember them.

I keep thinking there are things I need to do that I have forgotten and I will walk around the apartment shortly and check everything to make sure all is really done. Well, the windows aren't washed, but I was not planning on doing those. Oh, I know what I forgot to do. I wanted to wipe clean the inside of the refrigerator. That will be a job I can do tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll have to see which way the wind blows. Of course. I'll probably want to go back to bed tomorrow morning, so I may not want to postpone it. It's 5 minutes worth of work. It just seems like a hassle, because you have to move everything out of the way. I can spritz it clean in no time, though. Housework is not ever really done, is it? If you really want it clean, you never, ever finish. It's one way to give meaning to your life.

I hear all sorts of noises coming from the junk room. I think there's a cat there getting into all sorts of things. Boxes and such. They regularly try to rearrange everything on the bookshelves. I'm subconsciously always waiting to hear a crash and sometimes I do. I'm always afraid to go find out what it is they've managed to throw on the floor. I always hope it's nothing delicate, but they are all the Exfactor's things and I don't know what is in half of those boxes, except for the model airplanes and I think those have already taken a beating. He must come and get those things if they are valuable, however. I can't guarantee their safety.

The dog is looking at me with mournful eyes. He doesn't want to go out, but he wants to be petted and have a bone. So I've petted him and given him a bone. I hope that makes him happy for now. The cat has exited the junk room and all is safe there once again, so I can breathe a sigh of relief. I can't close the door there, because that's where the cat door to go outside is.

I still can't figure out why I could not screw in that light bulb the other day. It was an energy saving light bulb and it had a normal fitting just like any other light bulb, but I couldn't get it to go in. I'm going to try it again in a while, although I managed to get another light bulb in there, but I'm not sure if that's an energy saving one. I was so confused that day. It bothers me to no end if I can't do something that ought not to be impossible. When logic tells you it should just happen. So I'm going to mess around with that light bulb until it fits, without actually electrocuting myself.

Oh, and see, I've survived Second Christmas Day without any problems. That's because I acted like it was no holiday at all. Of course, the stores were closed, but I had no need to go there, and there was no mail delivery, but that means no bills either, although it would have been nice to receive some Christmas cards. I'll expect all of them on Monday then.

Actually, for as little as I've done, the holidays haven't been bad so far. They weren't the gloomy days I was expecting them to be. It had to do with the weather too. It would have been worse if there had been a lot of snow, but today we had sunshine all day long and relatively mild temperatures. Yesterday we had rain showers, but I don't mind the rain if I don't have to go out in it, and it got rid of the slippery, slushy snow, except for one big snowball that was supposed to have been part of a snowman that never got completed and took a long time to melt. The dog peed on it every time we passed it.

Speaking of dogs, he is sound asleep and seems to have settled in for the evening. He is very busy snoring. Doubtlessly he will want to go out one more time, but maybe later. I'm going to get something to eat and check my emails. There seems to be quite a bit of Bookmooch activity.

I hope you all have a nice evening and if it's not evening yet, I hope you have a nice day. Did any of you brave the stores yet? Ours don't open until Monday.



Gail said...


I went to work, returned and cleaned a little but have many things to do, however, they may wait.

Wisewebwoman said...

it is lovely here, GSW, mild for this time of the year though the fire is going all the time, gets too hot.
You are in a highly productive mode, puts the rest of us to shame.
I don't get swept up in all the nonsense at all.
it's just so peaceful I love it...

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I think you mean cobwebs? A relative of mine used to say that spiders are your friends because they eat flies.

I haven't been out the last 3 days. Life will still not be back to normal tomorrow as it is a public holiday here - if Christmas day or Boxing day fall on a weekend they still make up the number in weekdays.

Bearfriend xx