Monday, December 14, 2009

It never did...

Well, it never did turn into time to go to bed and I have been busy all night. It turned out that the cable that was so long in the kitchen closet, and that was attached to the modem, was the cable that was attached to the computer, which meant that there was enough cable there for me to move the computer across the living room to the corner where the black and white chair was standing. This was perfect, so I started taking things off the computer desk so I could move it and I unplugged it from the wall. I had to unplug the sound system, but I could leave the rest of the cables plugged in and moved the whole desk with the computer on it. It wasn't heavy and I easily slid it across the room. Once there, I installed the sound system again and plugged the computer in and checked that everything worked and it did. I was so proud of myself. I do have to tuck the cable into the baseboards, but I'll have to do some hammering for that and I obviously can't do that now.

I moved the black and white chair to were the computer desk used to be and put a painted wooden crate next to it with a plant on top and an astray from Italy beside it. I'll have to get a proper little table for there, but this will do for now. Now the sitting area is completely done, except for the different colored blinds I want to get, but there's no rush. I will all happen in it's own sweet time. The computer desk is right beside a radiator and just tonight it got so cold outside that the heater came on and it got toasty warm in this corner, so that was very pleasant.

The sound system is working and I'm listening to Feist. I was listening to Linkin' Park earlier. It gets me in the right mood. Hell, anything is bound to get me in the right mood now. I don't know what is wrong with me and where all this energy is coming from, but it's great. I remember having this much energy twenty years ago, but not recently. I feel like a young chick. I was joking about the fact that those vitamin pills were working awfully fast, seeing as though I've only had two of them so far, but I feel like Popeye who's eaten a can of spinach. I even have muscles in my brain.

In a little while I'm going to clean up the kitchen, which is a job that has been waiting for me for a while now and I've been putting it off. I didn't have the courage to get it done and now it seems like it is nothing at all and I'll have it done in a jiffy.

Massive Attack is on now, am I in the mood for that? I must see if there is something better. Ha, now I'm listening to Björk. That's the right kind of music for an early autumn morning.

The cats are keeping me company, but the dog has retreated to the bedroom to sleep on his pillow. He doesn't like these all nighters. He appreciates his sleep. This will give me a chance to put an extra blanket under the blanket that he sleeps on in the living room. I want to make it as comfortable as possible for him. I don't want him to get sore elbows. God forbid.

If you sit in other places in your living room, where you normally don't sit, you notice new dust. It is very irritating, because you realize you're even sloppier than you thought you were. I must make a bucket of suds and clean the radiators. Oh joy, that's just the kind of job I was looking forward to. Radiators were designed by men who didn't think of what dust traps they would be for housewives.

Okay, now I've got to clean up the kitchen. Enough of these shenanigans. It's like all I do is sit here and send out missives. As if I don't have other things to do.

Have a wonderful day today.



Twain12 said...

sounds like a productive night , congrats :)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. You seem to be in a manic phase with such a huge burst of energy. Either that or they've sent you speed instead of vitmins!

It's good to get a load of jobs out of the way - esp cleaning. But please be careful!

Bearfriend xx

Gail said...

Wow!!!! You sound like my sister who, when determined, works on and on and feels no tiredness until she has completed her task.

Remember this, you have just demonstrated you can clean house, move wiring, and become inspired without the use of outside forces.

This is a great accomplishment indeed, so no more excuses. If you can do this you can do anything you put your mind to.

I am woman, hear me roar!

Granny on the Web said...

Gosh! could do with some of your energy Nora. I have had a blitz of sorts this morning and now I am knackered.!
(translation of knackered... really tired)

Love Granny

Maureen said...

Yep, it's a great feeling when you DIY (Do It Yourself) isn't it??? I don't wait for anyone to help anymore. If I want something done, I just go ahead....

I love your photos!