Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday night and I ain't got nobody...

Aren't I happy about that, though.

I woke up about an hour ago from a comatose nap on the sofa. I slept for about 3 hours and I wonder how I am always capable of it. I slept well last night, so I don't really have a shortage of sleep. All I can think is that I must have been emotionally exhausted from this week and that allows me to sleep so much. I feel it coming on in the afternoon, this incredible urge to go lie down on the sofa and to just close my eyes for a while, and I look at the clock to see how much time I have to do it. I always end up sleeping longer than I plan to, though, and because I fall asleep watching the television, I'm wearing my glasses and they make indentations in my face that hurt when I wake up. Luckily, my glasses are made of titanium, so they are not going to break easily, but the way I squash them, they ought to. I wake up and am surprised by the time on the clock and can't believe I slept as long as I did. I mean, really, these aren't naps anymore. These are regular 'sleep through anything and everything major time outs.'

You see how I can't get enough of talking about sleep. That's because it plays such an important role in my life. It all revolves around sleep and how much I get of it. Or how little I get of it sometimes. How much I need to catch up on it at other times. Or the overdose of it I need at times. Sleep is the same to me as the medications I take. It settles something in my brain and I need certain amounts of it at certain periods of my week or month, otherwise I don't function well. When I have a hypomanic day, I need little sleep, but since that is always followed by a depressed period, I need a lot of sleep. Anxiety causes exhaustion, especially after the issue has been resolved.

Anyway, I thought today was the last day of my Monday and Friday creative classes, but I was wrong. Officially I'm not supposed to be there at all anymore, but the therapist is breaking the rules and letting me stay until my classes at the SPC start. I think that's a damn decent thing of her to do and I'm going to take full advantage of it. I have an appointment for an intake on Tuesday at the SPC and then I'll hear about my classes there and when I can start. Our head therapist, whom we all liked so much, has gone to work there and now everybody from all the different classes wants to go to the SPC. There's a regular run on it. The classes there are going to fill up quickly. I hope that what I want is still available. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The dog is getting better. His appetite is back and he is a little happier. His B.M.'s are also looking better. He really likes the gourmet food I am spoiling him with, but he also likes his white bread sandwiches. I should put the gourmet food on his sandwiches, like Sloppy Joe's. Oh, I haven't had a Sloppy Joe in a long time, that would sure taste good. Or a hot dog, kosher with ketchup and mustard and onions. It would have to be French's mustard, though. No Dijon or anything like that. Or that horrible spicy Dutch mustard I bought the other day. Man, that stuff is so hot it makes your eyes water. It looked just like plain mustard to me, there was no warning on the label. Maybe all Dutch mustard is hot. I don't know. I never bought the stuff, because the Exfactor didn't like condiments. And to think that the first sandwich I fixed him had mayonnaise and mustard on it and he ate it. That's true love for you.

As is usual, it's taking me forever to write this. I'm allowing many interruptions to take place. A whole evening goes by before I've written one post. Sometimes I just sit and don't do anything, but reminisce while I drink my juice and smoke my cigarettes. I've slept right through the news, so I missed that and I will catch the repeats when I go to bed in a while. I don't know what the state of the country is at all, but as far as I know we're not at war, except in Afghanistan where we are involved in a 'peace mission.' Our prime minister didn't get to be president of the European Union, so we're not going to have elections, which is a shame. He said he wasn't really running for the job anyway, but that's just talking after the fact. He would have loved to have the job. We all wished he had gotten it.

I am utterly boring tonight. I don't have anything exciting to tell you. There's been no drama in my life today. It has been an utterly ordinary, run of the mill day. I am tired and I'm going to take my medicines and go to bed. I'm reading 'Beachcombing for a Shipwrecked God' by Joe Coomer. I don't know if I like it yet, because it's a male author writing from a female perspective in the first person. I think he is getting his gender characteristics mixed up and he uses a lot of details to describe anything and everything, which I find boring. So, it's probably a book I'm not going to like. But I'm giving it a chance.

Have a good night, sleep tight and then have a good morning.



Cal Orey, Author-Intuitive said...

now that song is playing in my brain. hey, join the crowd. i sit here with my two cuddly brittanys/one black cat. all think i'm a goddess. no worries, though. so many women i know are being left in the dust by their men. i say--get a four-legger and "don't worry, be happy."
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Gail said...

Bad book, mooch it!

You are never boring!

I have been behind on my commenting for no reason that sounds plausible.

Babaloo said...

"There's been no drama in my life today." - and isn't that a good thing?! Hope you have a nice, long, lazy, drama-less weekend! xxx