Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wasting my time again...

I'm sitting here wasting my time again while I should be at the grocery store shopping for the weekend. Do I care? Well, only a little bit, apparently not enough to change my mind and get the show on the road immediately. It's too cozy for that, because I'm still sitting here in my pajamas with the blinds closed and the desk lamp on and for all I care, the world outside doesn't exist yet. It's nice when you can do that, when you can just ignore life outside and pretend it doesn't concern you and that you can do what you want to do and and be in complete bliss. It won't last, of course. I will have to get dressed and walk the dog and go out and get the groceries, but for now, I don't care.

I was up for a little while early in the morning, but then I went back to bed and slept until 1 pm. The animals were there with me and sound asleep also. It was lovely to go back to bed and sleep some more, especially since I needed it, because as I sat behind the computer, I could feel myself getting drowsy and I knew I was not nearly done sleeping. There's nothing better than your comfortable bed to crawl into when you get drowsy and long for sleep. Well, that is as long as you have a good book to read to help you go to sleep with. 'Beachcombing' is becoming a more fascinating book as I get into it more and I think that I will finish it. I will even ignore the fact that the writer is a man pretending to be a woman.

I must make a grocery list and in my mind I've got one started already. I also must remember to go to the tobacco shop, because I'm making cigarettes with tobacco crumbs now and that is not very easy. They do have a tendency to either bunch up or slide out of the filter tube. It's very frustrating. I have milk left, but no porridge and I am almost out of fruit juice. Luckily, there's lots of food left for the dog, I don't have to haul any of that around with me, and there's plenty of cat food. That eases my job considerably. The milk alone is heavy enough to carry home with me.

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow and I ordered a book for her, which isn't going to be here on time, of course, because I've only found out about the author very recently. My sister likes English language novels the same as I do and reads them easily, so I ordered 'Christmas Letters' by Lee Smith over at It will come already wrapped up as a present. I was going to buy her a necklace, like I do every year, but then I reconsidered and thought she might enjoy this book.

Well, my dog is letting me know in no uncertain terms that he wants to go out now, so I better get dressed. I hope you'll all have a lovely day without rain.



Babaloo said...

I read The Last Girls by Lee Smith a while ago and liked it very much. I think I've mooched it on already or I would've reserved it for you. Which reminds me, I've got to go and see what other books I can find by the same author...

Have a safe grocery haulage trip! xx

Babaloo said...

Actually, I just went onto my bookmooch page and I HAVEN'T mooched The Last Girls on yet. I have reserved it for you if you'd like to have it. No pressure, though, if you don't want it, I'll just cancel the reservation. xx

Wisewebwoman said...

I loved "Fair & Tender Ladies" by this author, must get more, must join Book Mooch NOW.

jeannette stgermain said...

It's your house, so you can do whatever you want to (giggles)! If the book is not going to be in time for your sisters birthday, you can make a little sketch of it - with the caption "what is to come" or "coming", on the inside of your birthday card to her...ith a bouquet of flowers (maybe you had planned that anyway?)

Maggie May said...

Saturday seems to be a day for shopping and doing things you normally wouldn't I guess wasting your time is allowed!
I also have a bad habit of waking up in the night and lying there for hours. Then just as I should be getting up...... I fall into a deep sleep. very soon I will be able to give in to that & please myself when I get up.

Have a good night, Nora X

Nuts in May

laurie said...

excellent choice! "the lost girls" is great. so is "fair and tender ladies" you cannot go wrong with lee smith.

(and she factors in my memoir. you'll see, next fall.)

Stacie said...

Nuala O'faolain is wonderful! I noticed her book on you blog. Keep the shades drawn an extra 30 minutes for me!