Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As I was saying...

I was so rudely interrupted by myself and my sudden need for sleep that I didn't even get to write a decent post. I never write such little bitty things as that! Jeez, it's almost something to be embarrassed about. I went to bed and slept another 5 hours and when I woke up, I felt a lot better. I felt well rested and like a whole new woman. I was ready to tackle the world again, which is no wonder if you've slept so little in the past two days and you're finally caught up again.

I can admit to myself now, and see it clearly, that I was manic, and here I thought for sure that it was because of the vitamin pills that I felt so well. I was convinced of that. I think I've gotten over it now, but I still have that happy feeling and if I don't, I'll just go to sleep until I have it back again. I'm playing my music as I type this and as long as I want to listen to music, all is well with the world. I'm listening to dEUS. The best Belgian Rock Group. Yes, they do have those in Belgium, besides having very good beer of which Palm is one of the best. You heard it here first.

My SPN called me to remind me of our appointment and I said I couldn't come because I was manic and that I was asleep finally.That took her aback, because the last time she talked to me I was deeply depressed. She asked me how much antipsychotic medication I took and when I told her she said that we couldn't increase it, which I already knew. I didn't care, all I wanted to do was sleep. I told her that I was seeing my psychiatrist next week, which is good, because she is going on holidays herself now until after New Year's. I hope I'm not going to be like a bouncy ball, up and down. That would be horrible. I hope this was just a big low followed by a big high and that is it. I hope I'm evened out now. I still feel like undertaking things, but in a much slower pace.

My friend Lucienne called me a while ago and sounded very down. I wanted to give her some of my energy, but I am unable to. I can't get her motivated to undertake things and get herself up out of the blues. She has no hobbies except shopping. Which I don't do, of course. I wish!

I have to buy myself a new diary for 2010. I'm already making appointments for that year, but I have no new calender yet. I don't know if I want a calender or a diary. Both have their good points. When I go to buy those new glasses, I will see what they have in that store and make up my mind there. I think I will go for a diary. It's easier to leaf through the weeks and months ahead. I very much liked the one I had last year, but it was sent to me by mistake and was meant for someone who used to live here. I thought that was a fortunate circumstance. Apparently they are not making that mistake this year. Darn!

I have to go and paint now. And then hang up the laundry and clean up my bedroom. These are all incredibly fun jobs which I.m looking forward to very much. Right, and my sister is the Queen of the Netherlands. Maybe I ought to take another nap instead. I'm yawning, so by rights I could.

Have a great day. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. That leaves you with a lot of choices.



Wisewebwoman said...

I'm in a strange mood myself, GSW. Not reading many blogs, I really despise the holiday season, false expectations, excessive everything. I prefer to be quiet, reflective and organize my annual Women's Christmas which is more meaningful, I wish you lived closer so you could come.
Safe sleep, joyful dreams.

Twain12 said...

i hope you have wonderful rest...i wish i could write like you, but when i sit in front of my blog the mind goes blank (or maybe i'm just lazy LOL)

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. At least you got plenty done during that spot of mania. I had an unexplained burst of energy myself today and did a ton of chores. Weird! I can't get over it!

I hope things level out a bit from now on.

Bearfriend xx